Thursday, May 21, 2009

You know what thy say about drunken words...

Yay !! Another submission. I'm sure a few of you can relate to this one. If you have a story you want to submit send it in !!

Lesson 10:
Your not Jamie Fox, so stop trying to blame in on the alcohol

So I always hate when people use being drunk as an excuse for what they did or pretending like they don't remember what they did the next day... but you can remember that I am mad at you?!?! Crazy! I know! anyways... In having a get together at my house on Saturday night my friends and I and some associates were all drinking and having fun. Now I like to keep my personal business personal... so only really close friends know about my relationships/ boo... and barely anything a that! Yes low key! I have well HAD! this one friend who THINKS they are the relationship guru/ master/ know -it - all.... but cant keep a relationship themselves! Funny! yeah! well lately they have been all up in my biz! talking to my boo about whats going on... So i kindly asked her to STOP! Well that was a month before this night! So on this night that I was hosting my get together (at my apartment), she decides to take the person who i talk to aside to talk! I don't mind because note we have all been friends for the last 3-4 years so it is not uncommon for any of us to talk. But i notice her say something about me and i again ask for her NOT to play Dr Phil. Mind you we all had been drinking a lot of wine but its WINE!!! I have been the one to see her pissy drunk plenty of times and let me tell you she is not even close to that point! Anyways she keeps saying little things that i try to blow off because there are a lot of people around... finally i walk out the room and as the guy I talk to is leaving I ask him to tell her to just stop because obviously both of us need to tell her to MYOB because its not working from just me he agrees but says she says she is doing it for me I had to let it be known for good that she is doing it for herself because i never asked her to do anything regarding him and I! So when I go back in ( let me paint a picture of the scene... there are people in the living room on the ouch talking people standing by the counter 2 people in the kitchen and the whole table is full of people) I go to the table and again she asked what i just said to him I kindly turn and say "please stop you are not Dr Phil and I don't need counseling." she then turns and loudly so that everyone in the apartment stops says "I am just helping its not my fault he wants___ (his ex) and is just fucking you on the side" So before I put all her dirty laundry out (oh because she has a couple loads) I removed myself to my room where I childishly called the guy and told him off... yes immature of me to not get his side but your supposed to trust your girls... right?? Too bad she didn't know why he and his ex actually broke up... I did but like I said you trust your girls.... right... Anyways everyone was trying to talk to me but i locked my door... And how dare me walk out 40 minutes later and this chick is still sitting at my table drinking and socializing. I am kind of a passive person because i still said nothing I used the bathroom and went back to y room... yes I know how could the host be in her room crying while people are drinking down her money... I try to stay nice! I did not flip till people tried to invade my space in my room that's when I went off!
So now that you have the detailed story hear this she goes outside my apt "drunk" crying to everyone that I am mad! Stop Please! then text me I am nothing but nice in my response that I just
don't want to talk because I would never do that to her so I expect the same treatment the next morning i receive more texts and this time the tone is rude and almost like she is trying to play me! So i stop responding... I have been back home now and recently a friend called telling me she is claiming she was drunk and does not even remember... HA! Please! Lets be grown and start taking responsibility you know because you text me and know wont talk to the guy.... YOU were wrong and you are not Jaimie Foxx so stop blaming it on the alcohol!

Im sure her friend learned a valuable lesson. She would have been kicked out of the house if it was my call...

Until we meet again,

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