Friday, May 29, 2009

A wilting flower

Tisk, tisk, tisk..... don't ruin ur friendships people.

Lesson 18:
Not all friendships are like flowers... when they die.. they may just be dead.

A friendship is like a relationship. You spend time with someone and grow close to them hoping it will last. & when it doesn't how do you feel? lost, empty, down, etc. as you should. the problem with people is that they don't know what friendship means. it's more than hanging out with someone. A real friend is honest, they have your best interest at heart, they weep with you when times are hard, and they rejoice with you when times are good. It involves genuine love and trust. If people were to evaluate friendship based on those that, they would realize they have fewer friends than they thought.
people hit it off via facebook, get drunk one time, party together & give each other the label 'besties'. it's sad, really. because then we have those who actually value friendship & get played by people who could careless whether they talk or not. when did heartless become the theme song of people ages 18-25? when did it become cool to not care about anyone but yourself? get yours, look out for yourself, all that jazz...but the reason it's so hard to trust people now a days is because no one cares about anyone but themselves. no one cares about friends, they just care about being kept entertained & not being alone. I know so many cliques, they have a million and one pictures on facebook @ parties laughing and hugging, but in real life they talk about each other like nobodies business. Like they were all just like ‘you know what im rude, and so are you, so lets just be rude together” they left you passed out drunk in ur room & went to a party, but u still call them ur friend? Oh hell no.
I would say the easiest way to spot a bad friend is 1.) how often do they switch friends? 2.) WHO are their friends? If someone cant keep a friend or is always running with other people who stay in drama, that is a major red flag.
Smh ppl love to trip over a significant other they've been with for a few months but not over friendships they've had for years. You let him smash because he paid u a little attention, then he broke your heart, & a year later ur still not over him. but wait, you're the same female that couldn't care less whether or not you talk to your bestfriend you've had your whole life. it's nothing to break off that friendship, but let a man do you wrong...your devastated. when you're truly someone’s friend, you aren't just okay with them being out of your life. it's basically like they died. you don't see them, speak to them,...they're just a memory of some of the happiest times in your life, but now theyre gone
That is so not the way to go. God wants us to put others before ourselves (within reason), humble yourself and love everyone.
The easiest way I have learned to avoid all the drama, is of course to trust nobody, but also, stop putting your faith in people. They will always fail you. Always. God is the only one who will ALWAYS do you right and hold you down. Not saying to shut yourself off from the world, like I said you should love everyone, but don’t attach yourself to someone you barely even know, or better yet know is shady

Wow, Im sure a bunch of ppl at Hampton needed to hear this. Thanks for the story ! Have a similar story? send it in !!


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