Sunday, May 24, 2009

Don't get to comfortable

So for all you Lil Wayne fans... this is exactly wat he was talking about in his song "comfortable". I love it when you guys send me posts like this... it keeps things intresting !!

Lesson 12:
If you don't love me, somebody else will

its just a regular wednesday &ii decide to go see the ex-boo/bestfriend cause wifey wasnt acting right [&seems like she lost her touch]. ii calls, let her know i'll be over in an hour, she says okay. im all happy to see her &cause its been a minute &ii been focusing so much on wifey ii forgot about her. ii arrive, knock, &she opens the door in a black SEE THROUGH thong &bra. 1st im standing there like "bitch, who you got up in here?" bout to get mad ignorant cause she knew ii was coming. she doesnt even speak a word. just grabs my hand, leads me to a chair, ties my hands behind my back &starts to make an ice cream sundae [IN HER DRAWS]. got me sitting there thinking she trying to poison me or sum. she comes at me, sits in my lap &starts to feed me this damn sundae &spraying whipped cream everywhere
needless to say, we had sex...
but oh the plot thickens...
its not even all that that had me wanting to marry her on the spot, its what she did during the fuck session...
she gets up on my ass, goes to the bathroom &comes back with a "pearl tampon applicator". of course im lost as hell. she sticks it in, sprays the whipped cream in &informs me to lick it out...
not only did my love for her grow fonder, it made me question the level of creativity that ii put into sex &definitely made me step my game up.
&all because it was a wednesday, she wasnt even trying to get back with me. . .

so when you hear nicki minaj telling you to step yo pussy up...[listen]...cause what yo girl doesnt do, the next [or ex] girl will...*

Yay... first lesbian post !! =] haha


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