Monday, May 18, 2009


Sooo, my friend finally sent me his storrryy !! yee... read it

this entry, while funny does have a lesson. l0l

Lesson 7:
Women, there is a difference in being in a sexual relationship, and just being somebody's personal slut.

So, three weeks since we last hooked up.

I didn't really want to talk to her anymore. What had started as a friendship sparked by a shared love for fashion had turned into lustful barter for sex between tw
o young people. But, the enjoyment was more than absent for me at this point.

It had gotten so bad that when I saw her name on my screen for a call or text, I knew there was only one thing she wanted, scrotum. So, after getting hip to her whoreness, I decided I'd have a little fun. Non-head giving was one of my fortes in this poke'n'stroke relationship. I refused to put my tongue anywhere near the cooch of a girl that swallowed my future children with the snap of my finger, let alone the fact that I never intended to make her my girlfriend. But one day, something in me said, "[My name goes here] go ahead and do it, have a little fun".

I told her to come over. She came in. We spoke and drank some lemonade. I was on facebook, and then she went up stairs. It's game time. I waited a minute before I went upstairs because I honestly didn't feel like having sex at the moment. I had a test the next day. But, who cared. So I went upstairs with the intent to eat box like I had never eaten before. Like, I wanted cardboard on my mustache. We kissed. I "hand prepared her filet mingon" (listening to Wayne as I write this". And then, I decided to go in for the munch. I said, "Take you panties off". She did. I rubbed my hands, bit my tongue, and then....

I walked out the room, put my shoes on, and left.

I didn't just walk outside to get something though. I went to get something to eat. Hit the grocery store, and I stopped by the ice cream shop. Needless to say, she was gone when I got back.

Wouldn't trade it for the world though. That was comedy.

if u have any intresting story send it tooo meee !! =]

Until we meet again,

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