Friday, August 28, 2009

a lesson from Brook Lynne Carter*

You guys all know how much I love the blog Lost in Brook, while I was blogging this morning I came across a post that I think everyone needs to read. While this post is about her personal battles, you could easily take the word [stripper] out and [insert] what it is you do. And while no one wants to admit it, there is a person who YOU don't like.... but your friends with them on twitter/myspace/facebook/downelink [or any of these other sites] and you go to their profile every once and a while [or more for you other people] and you creep.. we all creep.. and if you say you don't i say [bs].... how else do you know what they are doing with their pathetic life... but at the end of the day [who is more pathetic?]

ponder that for the day, and enjoy the post.

Lesson 34:
Why are you so obsessed with me?

i get an AMAZING amount of support from a lot of people, whom iv never had the pleasure of meeting, and probably never will. i get emails daily as well as comments on my blog and/or tweets from people who tune into my aimless journaling-which i never thought would be read by so many people, giving me kudos and just general encouragement. i am forever grateful and thankful for peoples open minds, which i am not trying to change, just enlighten.
on the flip side..when does a natural interest turn into a daily habit, and then a guilty pleasure, and eventually turning into an obsession? when do we start having control over the urge to be fixated on something that we later feel guilty for indulging in? or controlling the obsession of being destructive or malice. not to say that the people who SUPPORT me are obsessed at all..but i am speaking of the people who indirectly support me with their anonymous foot traffic on my blog, leaving comments that are more like attacks, rather than "differences" in opinion.

Passion is a positive obsession. Obsession is a negativepassion.

the internet (the NEW home of the brave) has become a cowards playground. a place where anyone can assume an identity and feel free to release anything that internally disturbs them without having the retribution of argument, or looking miserable or angry. unfortunately my blog has fallen victim to unhappy people who's guilty pleasure, being my blog, has turned into some kind of phantom fetish-which allows people who dislike strippers, strip clubs etc, to vent via my site about how disgusting and awful it is that i dance, without disclosing their identity OR ever having to convey this to me face to face. and i can always respect an opinion and/or a belief, religious or not, what i can not understand is the freak obsession that comes with being "anti-brook". if you dislike what i do, which leads you to dislike me, why do you tune in? why do you subject yourself to a lifestyle that infuriates you so much that you leave nasty comments of judgement?

while most people would call this "hate" or my "hater(s)", i disagree. i do not think this is hate. i think that this is borderline stalking. to pursue someone, indirect or not..daily, or consistently, even in a negative way, is to stalk them and/or prey on them. stalking is a crime of passion. not hate. and god bless anyone who finds enough time in their day to feel passionate about someone they dont even know. when does this turn into an obsession? when you feel moved to actually comment..with anonymity, trying to get some kind of response from the person that you have been paying attention to..secretly. you tell a friend about this stripper who has the nerve to not be ashamed. your mad. i evoke emotion in you. the person whom site you wont leave alone. that means your obsessed. dont let my site dominate your day, its ridiculous to support me with negativity, it will just empower me.

i personally do not indulge in anything or anyone that turns me off. so it is beyond me why people put in the effort of fake twitter pages/myspace pages, negative comments left by the ghosting anonymous obsessors. it almost seems like it would drain the life out of you to put so much energy into something-that by no means, has anything to do with you. i have nothing but empathy for the people who have brought so much negativity to my blog because they are either unhappy or too afraid to have their own opinion. as you can see, i am the opposite. i back my opinion and my choice to strip, everyday-with a blog, a face, and no apologies. and your STILL mad.

my passion is not stripping, it is writing. and i write about whatever i want, including but not limited to strip. dont let your passion turn into something that attacks another. disagreeing with what i do just puts you in the masses, your not alone, and that in no way offends, moves, or scares me. so why be afraid to be who you are, when there are so many like you. trust me, it takes a lot more courage for me to be who i am, with so many against me. those who take shots, and then hide their hands, are weaker than me, so i wont pick on you. please turn the channel, im a stripper, lol, and honestly i do not think that i or anyone else can stop someone elses raging intensity. the only cure for obsession, is to find another one. so, for all the folks who like to be anonymous aggressors on social networks, you may want to redirect your anger and hug it out with your parents. some how, along the way, some l-ve is greatly missing. thank you to all supporters, those who openly appreciate me and the closeted ones as well, who only come out to be negative. judging me so much, leave less time to l-ve me. :o]

"When you judge another, you do not define them, you define yourself."-- Wayne Dyer

to twitter is to love,

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

kids and sex

So, I was watching TV while I break from painting my room.. and I saw a commercial about parents talking to their kids about sex...

lesson 33::
its not your choice

In the commercial it was saying, don't worry about the parts, just tell us to wait..

In my mind I thought [BS] ... I personally don't believe in waiting to have sex till marriage. I believe in waiting till you're in LOVE. Some people will try [and lose] to argue "well when your married your in love" and thats bs too. People love to forget that people get married for other reasons that love such as money, power, status... and sex.

I feel as if parents who try to force their beliefs on their children are hurting their children more than helping them. We all know someone whose parents were strict when they were growing up and when they get to college they are either::
a) friendless
b)whores or
c) psychopaths

If you fit into one of these categories, Im not saying that your parents did a bad job at raising you, I AM saying that if they had been a little more lenient you probably wouldn't be in one of these categories.

On the flip side people fit into these categories because their parents were TOO lenient. They really didn't care what [or who] they did, and didn't bother [or care] to ask.

Things like sex talks are hard for some people, but if you never ask you never know. I know people who have never been tested [and need too], and never been to the gyno [and REALLY need too].

Parents are scared about doing these things and they shouldn't. First and foremost.. all girls are supposed to go to the gyno when they turn 18... this is because most girls lose their virginity before 18 and most parents don't know. Some parents don't want to do this because they feel it is "dirty" or "unholy" but what's really "dirty and unholy" is the fact that you try to scare your child into not doing things instead of working with them. I feel the same things thats done for the gyno, should be done for testing... when your kids turn 18, take them to be tested.

If you don;t want your kids to turn out like the freak-a-zoids you see everyday on campus, make sure you don't treat your kids how their parents treated them.

I have more to say, but I want to do a completely different post for that.... so be on the look out. =]


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Big Announcement

Lesson 32:
Embrace the gays

Sooo, i have a very big announcement to make...

[i came out to my mother last night]

as you can imagine i was very nervous about telling her because I have friends who have had very bad experiences. She took is a lot better than i thought... one thing she kept saying was "I don't see you as being gay" and I was like... I'm not gay... I've never seen color or sex... I'm attracted to whomever I'm attracted to. Then of course the "phase" thing came up.. and I explained to her a story that I knew she would remember about this girl I used to be really good friends with and randomly stopped talking to. It was because this was the first girl who I liked... and I thought something was wrong with me, so i distanced myself as far away from her as I could... then there was the dreadful sophomore year of high school [ that petty, simple, retarded people can't forget about ] when I went a lil wild because I was trying to fight my sexuality hard body. I didn't come out to my friends till senior year... but I wish I would have before... but that's beside the point. So yeah... now mommy knows.

MY thing however is other peoples parents... like WHY is it so hard for some people parents to accept the fact? I mean lets be blunt, the majority of the gay people I know act soooo homo !! haha, like why are certain parents in denial.... If I could tell your son/daughter was gay the first time I met them how the hell do you not know and you live with this person?

And then they want to go and act all crazy when they find out. I have one friend who has been through so much with their parents (i wont disclose their sex or name because thats not my place in any way, shape or form... lets call them HC)...anyways HC told their parents that they were gay. The first thing their parents did was kick them out. HC and their parents have probably fell out/been put out/made up a few dozen times... sometimes the situations get even worse ( like police involvement) all because the parents can not accept the fact that this is who their child is.

Another one of my friends..uhhhh...BD... they came out to their parents and they told BD that they were devil spawn or a demon.. i forget which one I also believe that they would blame all of their problems on BD being gay.

Yes these are only 2 stories but if you guys knew as much into these stories as I do it would make you not want to tell your parents anything...

So I ponder... why do parents take it sooo hard when they find out their children are gay? I mean seriously, they would rather hear that their daughter is knocked up and don't know who the daddy is than to find out she's a lady killer... what type of messed up stuff is that?

Im sure all of us have a gay friend (if you don't you have a gay associate cuz ur readin my blog.. l0l) and you love them to death, so why would you not love your gay child. And when we have children who are gay (and lets be real some of us will) lets give them the respect they deserve and not make them feel like a big pile of crap when they are honest with us about their sexuality.. cuz Homos need love too !!

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Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Lesson from Prof. Sosa

WOW !! So, i havent updated in FOREVER !!

ive been busy doing nothing !! i know i know, but thats y i havent had very many posts... lookin for some inspiration... BUT, while i was looking i ran across this guy named Tony or Professor Sosa... and he has agreed to let me share some of his thoughts with you... so about once a week i'm going to post a story by him, which will help me get stuff out about 2x a week. So heres the first post by Professor Sosa

Lesson 31:
Why you gotta hate mayne?

HATING: (hay-ting) - verb. - 1. the act of disliking another man (or woman) because he/she has something that you are after but you CAN NOT obtain OR have DIFFICULTY obtaining...
2. when one puts down the success or fortunes of another man due to JEALOUSY

HATING is at an ALL TIME HIGH! GONE are the DAYS where most NIGGAS will give you PROPS for doin something big or achieving something that they COULDN'T accomplish...


SO ... I present to the WORLD a CHECKLIST of most of the HATER ACTS that many men have to SUFFER with, sometimes on a DAILY BASIS...

1. IF you are "talking" to a girl and feel the need to mention another man's name that you have seen her with, chances are ... YOU ARE A HATER...
(i.e. "So what's up wit you and TONY??")

2. IF you feel the need to use another man's name to approach a female... YOU ARE A HATER...
(i.e., I WOULD try to holla at you, but TONY may not like that...")


3. if you feel the need to speak to a nigga AND talk about him to a female.... YOU ARE A HATER...
(i.e. TONY cool and all, but I heard he was burning??)

4. if you find yourself telling females, "You let him hit, why I cant hit??" ... YOU ARE A HATER...
(*She won't let you HIT cuz YOU a HATER...!)

IF you suffer from ANY OF these... you sir, may just be a hater...

If a girl REALLY wants to have sex with you... she will EVENTUALLY, REGARDLESS of who her "friends" may be... "HATING" on the next man, will not give you any advantage over him... Clearly, he's doin something right and "hitting some spots" that YOU may not be able to touch... Wait your time young grasshopper, in due time you will find yourself some...


CUT IT OUT! DROP THAT BS!! WE SICK OF IT!! You think it's cool...but I SWEAR IT AINT! Putting down another man and his fortunes, WILL NOT gain you any. Step your game up, polish your pimpin, and you may soon find you "some"....

-Professor Sosa

If you guys have anything that you want me or Tony to write about hit me in an email :: or twitter me::

love.peace.&&hair grease,