Friday, May 22, 2009

Every young boys dream...

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Lesson 11:
Catholic girls get it poppin.

So, for my guys, you know what I mean when I say senior year of high school was the best out of the four.years. And it was for me as well. Had my car, a little summer job, and I had just graduated. It felt like I was on top of the world. Then came this passion fruit, whose name for her sake will be "Tasty".
She was a green from the jump. Want to know how we met? At my prom dinner, and no, she wasn't my date. She was a friend of the family, my cousin's friend to be specific. I knew from the first time she looked at my crouch all she wanted was some deep stroke.

And about two weeks and two dates later, that's what she got. It was an awkward event though. Tasty told me her mom and dad worked all day on tuesdays so I could come through whenever and stay til whenever! Before 8 o'clock of course. So I showed up at about one. Considerin I had work @ 5 I figured that would give me just enough time to bang it out for 3 hours and an hour of leeway to get to work.

Pulled into the driveway and called her cell to let her know I was outside, tasty told me to come around back. Walked up to her backyard patio and smelt cigarette smoke. Now I was not a fan of tobacco, but she mad cigarette smoking look like the best blow job on earth. And she went to catholic school, have you seen a catholic uniform before you're about to sex? Hopefully not if you're over 18. I was 17 so I was good LoL. So we go inside to the basement living room and sat on the couch, watched some Maury, and then I told her I couldn't take it anymore, it was time to get down. So she gets on top of me, and I reach under her skirt to grab some loving and OMFG!!! No panties. I melted in the chair then and there. Catholic uniform and no panties? The couch disappeared and I was looking up to the ceiling from her floor, with chest in hand. Then, an air matress appeared. This was any 17 year old's dream: my very own pornset complete with bad lighting and clear high heels on the girl. So we go and go and go until she says "baby I can't do it anymore, I came like 4 times". Oh yeah, superman cape on my back. I just happened to look @ the clock which said 4:45.

Soooo remember that job?

I didn't lose it for being late but I did catch reckless driving en route for doing 95 in a 50.

What I learned?
Sex with bad girl in catholic school girl outfit + afternoon shift = another driver's ed class

HAHA !! im sure all guys wishes this happened to them.

Until we meet again,

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