Sunday, May 17, 2009

What a Saturday Night.

hmm... so no updates in awhile... l0l

Lesson 5:
don't wait on your friends to help u w/ ur blog !! l0l

I was waiting on my friend DH to send me a story, and he didn't.. so here we are... after a week. l0l.

Lesson 6:
Old men are scary, especially when your at a hood party.

So i was at a rather CRAZY party Saturday night. Like strippers, old men, young girls, weed, liquor.. yess the works. so while i was there, i fell asleep. don't think I'm a light weight, not even. My contacts kept drying up because of all of the action going around. I got hit on by 3 old ass men.

1st man: i would say late 40s early 50s. He kept trying to make small talk with me about stupid stuff so i was being really rude. He offered to bring me a drink... but every lady knows (don't let a man bring you a drink). He is actually the reason i fell asleep in the first place, soo boring. l0l

2nd man: so i closed my eyes AGAIN because my eyes were stinging. As soon as i closed the this white man was like [this] close to my face and was like, why are you falling asleep, and scared the shit out of me. He asked me the same questions as the first boring man. and when he saw how rude i was being he was like "well I'm gonna go look for my friend in V.I.P. if you need a ride, or anything lemme know !!

*now why in the fuck did he really think that i would ask him for a ride? Jersey men are scary.

3rd man: So i went to find my friends after the 2nd man left, and this other man walks up to me. He was like can I get you a drink, and it was like 3am so i said OK. I went to the bar and he was giving me the SAME boring small talk. H then asked if he could take me out. I lied and said I had a girlfriend, he then said, well I own the club that these strippers came from, I can hook you up with one of them...

*wwwhhhyyy would I want to hook up with a stripper? come on guys.

so yeah.. my night was defiantly interesting, l0l.

i should have another story very soon.. and like i said, if anyone has any funny stories that they learned a lesson from.. send them in.

thanks babes !!

Until We Meet Again,

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