Tuesday, May 19, 2009


So, IDK if you guys follow Yung Joc on Twitter.. ( www.twitter.com/IamYungjoc ) but this nigga is FUNNY!! l0l. First he starts alot of hype saying that him, Kat Williams, and DMX were about to give a big ass dog some coke.Then he says he got attacked and is in the hospital. It was all a lie, but shit, it made me wanna follow him to see what kinda funny shit he was gonna say. Well if you have been foloowing him you know what TUESDAY means, and if you havnt you will soon. HE says he is ready to air some shit out about who he is suing, and ppl who talk that shit. So thank you Yung Joc for todays lesson.
Lesson 8:
Don't Talk Shit... you never know who is going to get the last laugh.

btw: if yall dont have that drake tape ( datpiff.com )..or my bf Deron's new single "wonderland"( http://bit.ly/IuHNh ) yall are slippin.. get up on it !!!

Until we meet again,

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