Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Everyday clique wasted !!

So, this story is funny !! l0l

Lesson 13:
Don't talk it and not back it up !! l0l

Well back in high school, my senior year me and a couple of my friends had the luxury of turning 18 before the school year ended. So one Friday during lunch me and the fellas are at the table and we some how make an idea that we should all go to the strip club later that night. Everyone that was 18 agreed with an enthusiastic "hell yea" lol..
so night time comes, and one of my boys bas this older homie that was like 25 26 ish that always buys us bottles from the liquor store... and he decides to come with us to the strip club to quote on quote " show us how he get down" lol
So we all are in the car on the way to the strip club its four of us me, 2 of my homies from school, and the old head (no homo) and we are in the car getting messed up! We drinkin E&J as well as Henny str8! But I look at ol buddy that's 25 and he appears to be way more drunk than all of us!
So we get to the club which has 2 sides, a pole dancing side and a private dance side, yu have to pay admission for both sides...
So we go on the pole dancer side for like 30 mins, it was nothing I haven't seen before so I wasn't too excited but I was feeling good !! Lol
So the 25 yr old dude has a bright idea to go to the private dance side.
So we go outside and the 25 yr old leads and goed thru the private dance door, he starts to scream with this big ass bouncer that looked like Kimbo Slice lol so we try to calm him down because the bouncer gave us the look that meant "I'm bout to fuck your boy up!" So we try to calm him down but he is so drunk and not listening to us that we just walk outside and lean againt the wall outside, they were stillllll arguing smh
So the next thing you know me and my niggas just see's Mr. 25 just fly out the fuckin door and the bouncer. He had on a white button up that was now black and the same for his white fitted... it was so crazy it wasn't right but I died laughing!
The End -

Lol... its ok to get wasted... just dont get too wasted !!

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