Saturday, February 27, 2016

Tipsy Thursday's

Happy Saturday y'all !

Hope everyone is already having a great weekend. I'm just happy because my work schedule is not crazy for once. It's nice being able to work and have time to think. My work schedule is the reason why I make my week days my weekend. It's hard to go out until 3 am when you have to be at work at 10 am... and if it's a double HELL to the fuck NO. With that being said, my favorite day to go out is Thursday. It's kinda like the weekend |because a lot of people don't work on Fridays| and I don't work until 5:30 on Friday so I have plenty of time to recover. So this Thursday my home girl AyeB and I decided to take a world tour.

World Tour is an expression that I use often. It means that there will be multiple places we will visit. Sometimes it's a short trip and we will go to 2/3 places.. but sometimes we will end up going to 5 or more places. Those nights are obviously the most fun.. they also usually start early... like 4pm. So this Thursday was a quick tour because AyeB had to work Friday morning.

But first things first.... |Outfit Break|

Ok... back to story

So we start the night off at Burkheart's. Its a gay bar in Piedmont Square. It shares a parking lot with a couple of other gay bars like Felix's on the Square, Oscar's and Mixx. We went there because we wanted some good drinks and we didn't feel like being uppity snobs. So we get there and I order my 2nd favorite drink |vodka soda with 2 lemons and 2 limes| and we say fuck it.... lets just make that shit a double. So we do and its $9.50 !!! Bih wheeet?!

Talk about exciting. I mean was it house liquor... yes. But I learned a long time ago not to be a liquor snob. If only you knew how many house bloody Mary's, Tokyo teas, Long Islands and shit I sell on a regular basis. People really don't care about their liquor choices unless they are out being showy....

Anyways... Let's just say that we were in heaven. I probably sipped on that drink for an entire hour. Not only was it good, but that thang was strong! After that we stopped by old faithful |The Hookah Hideaway| and stayed for a couple of minutes with one of my friends. Then we walked around the corner to Pal's and The Soul Bar |254 Auburn Ave Ne| I've come to Pal's a couple of times. Thursday is their Lesbian night, and contrary to popular belief there aren't that many places to go for lesbians on any given day of the week. Plus I have a couple of friends who work there so it is always fun to see them.

What I love about Pal's is the way that it looks. The bathrooms have all these cool little designs on the wall, and the tables have Old Hollywood Royalty on the top of them.
Indya |Waitress|
Vanessa |Bartender|
Paris |Bartender|
One of the table tops
The Perfect Bathroom Selfie Walls

I asked Vanessa to make me a drink using Vodka and Chyna wanted a daiquiri |yes they have frozen drinks| and they were so yummy. In fact... I really need to ask her what it was so I can order it other places|.

Of course there are 2 VIP sections|Cuz bitches love VIP| and the DJ is good. Most of the times I have been DJ Exell was the DJ... but they had a different girl there last night and she was bomb  |and extremely sexy... feminine DJS always do something to me|.

We did our thing there and then for some reason everyone wanted to come back to my house!

Now don't get me wrong I love a nightcap... but my house isn't guest ready yet. I have all of these cool decorations that I still need to put up... and I just did laundry. Any girl with a bunch of clothes and shoes knows the struggle of doing laundry. They came over anyways... and we still had fun. A couple shots of Ketel One and several blunts later everyone went home.... and I literally passed out. All and all a good night right?

The best part of this night was the phone call I got in the morning from B.. asking me if I wanted to go to breakfast !! Ummm...DUH !! And of all places we were going to West Egg is West Midtown|1100 Howell Mill Rd|. So the answer was double duh. I have been on a serious eggs Benedict kick. I am literally obsessed with trying anything and everything that has a poached egg on top of it. As I'm browsing the menu... VIOLA! I see a Benedict called the "Georgia Benedict".

I can admit that I am one of those people who can make hella modifications to a meal... however I know not to go overboard because I don't want to be that annoying. So the only thing that I changed was grilled chicken instead of sausage! I was proud of myself. I got grits on the side because I consider myself a grits aficionado, Not only do I make amazing grits... but I literally get grits as a side no matter where I go for brunch. I probably will end up making a post about all of my favorite places to eat grits, and best believe West Egg will be on that list cuz they are the tits!

 I passed out after that went to work at 5:30... just knowing I was going to make so much money and want to go out afterwards....  Neither one of them happened. BUT I got to get some amazing sleep last night... and now I'm ready for a successful "Shake that ass for a real nigguh" Saturday! 

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Shake that Monkey Radio

I stumbled across this playlist this morning while I was trying to figure out what the music for the blog would be this week. If you came across my blog via snapchat/instagram/ facebook then you already got a sneak peek. This playlist is about 7 months old... but I was still dancing around my studio like I'd popped a molly. So have fun getting dressed, cleaning up your apartment, or just getting your shit together to "Your flyNESS" Mix XX DJ Fannie Mae.

|Don't say I never did anything for you this Thursday|

Pizza Burger's and Pitcher's

I hope everyone is having an AMAZING morning. I'm up way earlier than normal... and its surprisingly not bad. Who knew how much you could get so much accomplished in the morning.

So I was supposed to start my laundry yesterday.. but after smoking and dancing around my studio

Chyna and I worked up a serious appetite. So we had to create a game plan of the places we could eat::
1.Somewhere close |10 minutes or less|
2.Somewhere cheap |because we wanted a lot of food|
3.Somewhere we could get draft beer from |because we have to stay hydrated|

Then a beautiful drunk baby fell out the sky... Jack's Pizza and Wings in Old Forth Ward!

So we smoked again and went on our way to Jack's. Now the thing about Jack's is that they are closed 2-3 days out of the week. We never know what day it starts |until yesterday|. So we called up there to make sure this was one of their open days and it was! Turns out they are open Wed-Sunday. 




When we get there we have this master plan.. $1 Miller High Life's... we will have 3-4 a piece and we will get a yummy pizza. Out waitress comes over, we get the pitcher for $4 and order our pizza. Then as we are looking through the menu |because we never pay this menu attention| we notice that they have a Pizza Burger. We are instantly intrigued and go find Rose to add this to our order. The Pizza Burger is a hamburger baked in pizza dough and cheese. We originally order it like a regular pizza with mozzarella and marinara and get all the regular burger stuff on the side. When we actually get the Pizza Burger, all of that goes out of the window.

This shit is so fucking good !! Like OOMMGG! The dough is just the right amount, the burger patty is HUGE and the cheese and veggies are fresh. We dived right in with the Mayo, Mustard and Ketchup and put all of the toppings on the inside of the dough... and went to smash town. I completely forgot I even ordered pizza |Veggie and Pepperoni| and was so full by the time it came. Not to mention that we did finish the pitcher and took a shot of tequila. 

After I took Ching home, I went to Graveyard in East Atlanta. I never knew that they had food because I've only come here late at night |like 12-2| and I was never interested in eating... I came to drink. It was nice actually getting to see what it looks like in there.. and to find out they had food. I was definitely still full, but the fat girl inside of me saw the side of Macaroni and Cheese and couldn't resist. In my defense, I ordered a side.... so I'm thinking its going to a small portion. I was wrong!

This baby came out and I was instantly excited and mortified because I knew I was not going to finish it. When I bit into it, I was angry because it was so good! It was definitely baked, and filled with so much cheese. I was in heaven and hell at the same time. I ate all that I could and sat in glutenous bliss before we left.

All in all I will say that my stomach was the real MVP yesterday. I was so ready to go to sleep as I'm sure you can imagine... but FIRST... my nightcap... a Hot Tottie!

I've had am annoying cold for about a week now. I don't believe in taking medicine unless I absolutely have too. So I make sure I get plenty of rest and drink lots of fluids. I make sure to wake up with hot tea, and go to sleep with hot tea. Last night |and this morning| it's a hot tottie with tea, lemon, a little teaspoon of honey and Fireball. The best way to end a great day and start a productive one. 

Happy "Thirsty Throw That ass in Tri Oval Thurday" yall !!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Finally !!


I have a computer again!! haha.

So many of y'all may or may not know that I have been computerless for almost 2 years. It is so hard to blog when you don't have a computer. Tablets and phones are cool... but I have always been a computer girl.

As I said before my computer passed away,this will just be a blog about what I like to do when I'm not at work. People always ask me where I go out, eat, shop, and play. So I decided to share... cuz I love yall!

So here is to new beginnings. People keep saying that 2016 is the year of self and I have already started seeing that. So this is to my year of growth. Thank you for growing with me.