Tuesday, July 28, 2009

No Homo?

No intro for this really.. im just gonna get into it

Lesson 30:
Why would you choose to be gay?

Now, when I'm asking this question, i already know that some of you are thinking "this chick is about to go off"... but im really gonna try not to [deep breath]

I would say that in certain aspects, Christians are some of the most ignorant people. Now don't get me wrong, i believe in God... but I have my own relationship with him. Yeah, i smoke, drink and have sex... but you do too. The only difference is that you are repenting every Sunday knowing good and well that you are going to do everything again the next day... I could go on and on about this... but thats not the subject of this blog.

We say that we are accepting of everyone, but at the same time thats not true. I get more comments on not having a preference of girls or guys than anything else, and it pisses me off.

Honestly... why would someone choose to be gay...? Would you? probably not...

If you heteros knew HALF of the stuff that bi-sexuals, homosexuals and transexuals went thru, you would know that knw one would choose that.

People who are gay get turned downed for jobs, talked about, beaten, mistreated, and disowned. When I first told my friends how I felt I was scared. I thought that they wouldn't wanna be cool with me anymore because of it [obviously, it didnt bother them as much as i thought it would]. I know people tho, who have not only been disowned by their "friends", but outed by their "friends"... and not us forget all the stories we've heard about people being killed because of it.

As someone who likes the same-sex, i can tell you that i didn't "choose" this, and neither did any of my other friends... Hell, we all tried to fight it, cuz we thought it was wrong... but its not.. and i would appreciate it if all of u simple minded mofos would stop acting like something is wrong with me.

You don't think that God made us this way. Hell, I don't know how else I got like this. People love coming up with the excuse "oh she likes girls cuz she's been done wrong by guys" umm, politely SHUT THE F*CK UP... cuz to be honest, girls are just as bad as guys [sometimes worse].

My biggest pet peeve are when people say "oh this is just a phase, you'll end up marrying a guy, blah blah blah" -i can't speak for others... but this has been one of the longest phases in my life, and I don't see me liking girls any less...

Gosh, it seems like everyone is afraid of homosexuals.... The government doesn't want us to get married because I guess they think that we are going to take over the world. They always wanna say that a marriage is defined as a man and a woman. This came from the bible.. but umm, id if you have noticed or not, but their is no "set religion" of our country, so why are we using the bible as an excuse [yess, thats what it is, an excuse].
Then, all this "no homo" bs... if you know your not gay why do you feel the need to say no homo after everything?
And then when people find out your bi or gay and they get scared... GIRL I DONT WANNA TALK TO YOU !! trust, your gonna be comin at me on some down-low ish way before I come to you...

Which brings me too DL.. if you guys honestly think ppl choose to be gay, take a look at this DL epidemic. People are scared to come out of the closet because of what society says... hell we shouidn't even have to come out the closet. People don't have to announce that their straight, because everyone assumes that they are until something triggers... it shouldnt even be like that. We should just wait to see who dates who.

My biggest biggest biggest pet peeve in the world is when people are like "ooh, so have you had a threesum?" no you sick prick i havent... Everyone always assumes that just because you like boys and girls that you are this big freak.. no. I say this all of the time, and it was nice to hear Amber Rose say it to "When I'm with a woman, im with a woman. When I'm with a man, I'm with a man". And then people are blown away that I havent had sex with a girl... "how do you know you bi if you haven't had sex with a girl".. well bitch, did you know you were straight before you had sex with the opposite sex? yeah, thats what i thought.

Urgh, im so tired of encountering so many simple people. People, step your cookies up... its 2009 and your stuck in 1952.


Sunday, July 26, 2009


Whats goody B'ham?! i had a great time at Penthouse last night.. i actually missed yall... l0l
anywho... i wrote this blog on the plane ride home yesterday.. but i didnt have time to post [obviously]... enjoy.

Lesson 29:
Who needs friends like these, who needs enemies?

Soo, this has been a very interesting week to say the least. I’ve learned a lot about myself and people who I considered “friends”.

Most people would go around talkin about the other parties involved… and normally that’s exactly what I would be doing too. This time was different thou. I didn’t have the urge to go around telling everyone what happened, in fact, when some people asked me about the situation I was just told them that I didn’t know what they were talkin about it.

It has also made me realize, that u can be 100% genuine with some people, and they will still stab you in the back. But you can fake like you like someone and they will be on you and HARD !! Oh well.. it just goes to show you that you can’t be nice to everyone… sometimes you just have to grab your cohonas [l0l] and be a man about it. As Shawty Lo would say “Ima broke hoes dream, rich hoes cream”

This summer has taught me not to be so judgmental too. I have heard sooo much more things this summer, than I did when I was a freshman. I didn’t think that the change was going to be that drastic, but it was almost like a 180. It’s crazy how much more respect you get at Hampton for not being a freshman.

It also amazes me how much bs people say about others, not caring whether it’s true or not. I can’t even begin to tell you how much ridiculous studd I’ve heard about myself, and people around me... things that aint true in no way, shape or form !! But at the same time… if you’re not being talked about, you aint doin summ right. On that same note tho, when you hear that someone is talkin about you, don’t let it just sit on the back burner… if its someone you're cool with don’t hold it in ( trust me, ive made this mistakes too many times)… say something to them. Its better to go ahead and get it out, so you can either get over it, or drop em. And Ladies…. Ladies, ladies, ladies… please don’t fight. It’s not cute, and no one is laughing with u but ur friends… cuz in the back of everyones mind they like… “look at these dumb girls…” [[brow raise]]. Cuz lets be real, how many beautiful, successful , educated women fight… its cool, I’ll wait for ur answer.






exactly, there are none.... moving on

I follow this lady’s blog… she’s a stripper ay Magic City in ATL… her name is “Brook Lynn Carter”. Her blog is absolutebrook.com. I “l-ove” her. She keeps it real, and has helped me look at myself when it comes to things. She has blogs on everything… and I love her blog hard body. She has shown me that just because some one’s a stripper , doesn’t mean that they aren’t normal people. She’s just as much a woman as anyone else… so what if she takes off her clothes for money… that’s her money, and if u have a problem with how she getting it, stop throwin it... [break]

Over all tho, this summer was bomb. I had a lot of fun, met some cool people, and dropped some not so cool people. So as I sit here on my plane home to B’ham I feel accomplished. Everything that I wanted to happen this summer did, and now the fall is going to be on point*

I should have more time to blog when I’m home, I hope us southern girls don’t bore you with our adventures!! l0l . Hopefully im goin out tonight [I did... l0l] … so you guys make have something to look forward too [you do]. Bye guys, love you. Don’t forget to twitta a nigga. =]

So high in the sky,


ps:: sorry ive been making all these rambling post lately... im trying to keep it as raw as i can... without going back and re-editing... im just kinda writing what/how i feel when i feel it. Lemme knw when it gets to bad tho... then ill try to help a lil... l0l. love you guys. =]

Friday, July 17, 2009

What a blower*

Lessson 28:
dang ma...

Soooo, everyone in college has seen a porn or two. Well my friends were talking about this porno called "Ghetto Gaggers". I had never heard of it before, but they described it to me, and its probably one of the most degrading things in the world.

So now your probably wondering what it is. Well "Ghetto Gaggers" is a pair of white men who go around getting head from black women. Not only are they getting head, but they are like abusing their faces --- I guess its actually the definition of "face f*cking" [for lack of a better word]. The guys shove their cokss sooo hard and sooo far down these girls throats. The majority of these girls end up gagging, some even throw up. And the white guys talk reckless while this is going on. saying things like "take this white cock you black slut" "your such a nasty whore" "you like this white cock?" and other stuff. To make matters even worse, these guys slap and spit on the girls.

I know what you guys are thinking... these girls are porn stars, why does it matter how they get treated. The thing is... this is more than a porn thing...

These guys use this porno as a form of white supremacy.... so this makes me wonder why sooo many people want to do it. I mean come on... you're already a porn star... why add this to your resume?

This just shows that there really are people who have absolutely no respect for themselves. Cuz my thing is this :: WHY, if you KNOW... that these WHITE MEN are targeting BLACK FEMALES so they can BANG THEIR FACES... would you WANT to do this production? In fact... if your approached why would you not be offended? Why would you ever even do it... porn star or not?

I have a point I promise !! haha::
When I see people doing this, it makes me think that women will really do anything to get attention. I shouldn't just say women, because i'm sure if i searched hard enough i could find some pretty degrading stuff men do... but still. No one ever has to stoop down to this level.... There are too many other productive things in life to do... IDK, maybe thats just me.

I really try not to pass judgements on people, but like stuff this just blows me... l0l, get it?

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

fakeness is weakness

So, i know you guys are tired about me bs with the posting service. Im about to try really hard to start posting at least twice a week. It's not that things are slow, its just that... i find that I don't have that much to write about at the moment. The summer isn't as interesting as I thought it would be... don't get me wrong I'm having fun... but I don't just wanna post any bs up here.

sooo, now that I got that out of the way on to the post

Lesson 27:
don't be a fake girl

So, why as girls are we mad at all of the other girls that the guy /girl that we date used to talk to/date/screw. Not like mad, like you want to fight her... it's just when you see her you feel some type of way. The sad part is, every girl that reads this is going to deny this, because you never want to admit that you think she is better than you for any reason, it's that one fact that she was doin lord knows what with him before you did. It makes you feel gross, especially if you have heard some stories about her from him. You may tell a sly little joke to your friends, you may not even acknowledge her presence to anyone, you guys may nod heads, or you may be really nice to her and hold a conversation . Because when you see her, you want your girls to know that thats the mad "old" girl, you are embarrassed that thats his old girl, everyone knows the story and you guys want to show respect, or you want people to think that you don't have a problem with her, in-fact you love her! - but on the inside your dying.

Or what about that girl who was talkin to your guy while you where? Maybe she was there was a lil while and dipped... or maybe she is the reason that you two arent talkin anymore. No matter who she is, no matter how nice she is, her rankings, her status... anything. Shes the biggest slut, the dumbest girl, the nasty hoe who had the nerve to impose on your man. When you see her you feel crazy. Either you talk about her so much that you surprise yourself, maybe you just don't say anything, or maybe you are just really nice to her. Because when you see her, you either want people to know that you hate her, or you want people to think that you don't care about her, even tho your soooo mad on the inside.

All of these actions happen everyday. However, its those girls who are all up in your face that are the worse. --- My thing is like this, if you don't like me why in the hell are you speaking to me? And its not like everyone around doesn't know the deal, and they wanna know why you are speaking too. I've dealt with a few of these girls before, some are more intense than others.... but they are all annoying.

There are some who are even worse than the ones who just speak. Its the girl that be on your nuts on the internet. I think that the internet is worse because even more people can see it going on. You add them as a friend to be nice because you do know who they are, but you don't expect them to be writing on your wall and commenting on all of your stuff. Don't you hate getting a notification and seein that its that girl... You be like, WTF does she have to say to me now? "Cut Pic girl !!" you just wanna be like chick die !! l0l

What about the girl who tries to be your best friend all of a sudden. So now not only are they speaking all of the time and commenting on everything, now they start texting you... and writing on your wall saying how happy she is that you guys are friends and that you should hang out... GIRL I D0NT WANT TO HANG 0UT WITH YOU !! i dont even want you speaking to me !! haha.

The sad thing is there is not much you can do with these girls. I mean yeah, of course you can tell them to chill cuz you really don't like them like that... and why that would be the easiest solution, most girls are not going to do that. Why? Cuz we want to be polite. The thing is, if more of us did this... we wouldn't have to worry about dealing with all of the annoying bs, and the sly jokes from the guy. So as girls, lets take more initiative and just be straight up about things when it comes to other girls...

I'll try first... i'll tell you how it goes*


Monday, July 6, 2009

The boy is mine...not*

Soo, I had a pretty good 4th this year. It was chill *bling, blow, burr*

However, you know there always has to be the crazy girl of the group, and believe me... this one was.... well i'll just tell the story.

I hate overly sensitive ppl. I just don't see the point in people getting mad or upset over EVERYTHING.. especially if that person is not your man or your woman. I could go into details about everything that happened... but instead I will turn this poor girl into a lesson for others.

Lesson 26:
The boys not yours... or mine*

Soo, this girl really likes this guy im kickin it with. They were cool before I met him, but she liked him more than he liked her. Shes cool at first... but then she just starts doin some... bizare stuff that im not even going to get into. Lets just say... she was being more fake than that Goach on the corner stand.

CHICK GROW UP--- girls like this make me sick !! She's mad at you because your cool with a guy she likes/want. She's mad at you because ya'll chill without her, and heaven knows what ya'll are doing. Why does she care so much? Don't worry tho, it's not your fault that your a cool, fly girl and people wanna be cool with you.

Girls like this are mad at you for more than just this guy. If it was just about the guy she wouldn't be speaking to you in public because its known. You can't be rude and not speak, or be overly nice and have a 30 minute conversation with her. Just give her a nod as you pass by.

When your hanging out with your friend don't mention her and if ya'll are all together make small talk, I mean lets be real, they are gonna ask her to leave before they make you do it.

These girls are put into the world to make real girls check themselves. Because when your slipping on your game in anyway, they are always gonna be there to fill in that void... WHATEVER IT IS.

When it comes to the guy, watch him. Make sure he's not trying to be messy and make the situation worse. And keep him updated enough so that he doesn't think our trying to be messy.

and try not to talk about this situation to anyone but like 1 close friend.