Monday, May 14, 2012

From Me to You...

So I just left a seminar from Mothers Against Drunk Driving (M.A.D.D.) and it really touched me. I do not know if many people know (because I dont brag about it like alot of people) but I got arrested for a DUI back in December, and had an extremely high blood alcohol level. I never really thought about that night in any way besides selfish views... like not being able to find a job (until recently), all the money that it cosy, having a restricted license, and going to ASAP classes.

Tonight opened my eyes up to what COULD have happened.

I could have died.
I could have killed someone else
I could have seriously injured myself.
I could have seriously injured someone else.
My  mother could have been crying on Mothers Day.
Someone else's mother could have been crying on Mothers Day
A mothers child could have been crying on Mothers Day.

Please guys, I know that a lot of people drink and drive, but I really want you to think about everything that could happen when you get behind the wheel. Yes you COULD make it home safe, but you COULD also not make it home at all.

To my amazing class of Ogre Phi Ogre 14, as you go into your amaing lives full of promise, please remember these things. You have graduated from college, a challenge a bunch of people do not do. Please do not ruin all of te opportunities you have infront of you by doing something stupid. I want to read about you becoming a successful photographer, CEO, Mothers and Fathers, Stylist, Teachers, Engineers, Business men and women, Socialites, Doctors, Nurses, Pharmaist.... not that you are dead or in jail because of a DUI.

To the younger classes, you already know how touch VA police are belive me when I tell you that VA has 0 tolerance for drunk drivers. If something serious happens, Hampton can kick you out of school, or many other seriously horrible things can happen.

I dont meant to preach, I just want to teach you all to be careful and think about everything. If you know your friend cant drive, dont let them drive. You can give up a night of nookie to save your friend. If you cant drive, let your pride down and let someone else drive, call a cab, or call one of your friends to pick you up and take you back to your car the next morning. if they are your REAL friends they will have no problem doing these things, and if your are their REAL friend you should not have a problem doing it for them.

My friends already know how I feel about driving drunk, and I make the promise to them to always be the DD if no one wants to do it. And I know they will take turns with me and do the same. I hope you can make the same promise for all of your friends.

Peace. Love. Monroe.