Saturday, May 30, 2009

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sooo... every saturday (since its a pretty busy day for me.. l0l) im going to highlight a blog that i think you should check out. formerly is one of my FAVE blogs everrr... everyone who knows me knows that i read this every single day, and that when she doesn't update i get mad !! so peep this blog.. i know u will like it.

Friday, May 29, 2009

A wilting flower

Tisk, tisk, tisk..... don't ruin ur friendships people.

Lesson 18:
Not all friendships are like flowers... when they die.. they may just be dead.

A friendship is like a relationship. You spend time with someone and grow close to them hoping it will last. & when it doesn't how do you feel? lost, empty, down, etc. as you should. the problem with people is that they don't know what friendship means. it's more than hanging out with someone. A real friend is honest, they have your best interest at heart, they weep with you when times are hard, and they rejoice with you when times are good. It involves genuine love and trust. If people were to evaluate friendship based on those that, they would realize they have fewer friends than they thought.
people hit it off via facebook, get drunk one time, party together & give each other the label 'besties'. it's sad, really. because then we have those who actually value friendship & get played by people who could careless whether they talk or not. when did heartless become the theme song of people ages 18-25? when did it become cool to not care about anyone but yourself? get yours, look out for yourself, all that jazz...but the reason it's so hard to trust people now a days is because no one cares about anyone but themselves. no one cares about friends, they just care about being kept entertained & not being alone. I know so many cliques, they have a million and one pictures on facebook @ parties laughing and hugging, but in real life they talk about each other like nobodies business. Like they were all just like ‘you know what im rude, and so are you, so lets just be rude together” they left you passed out drunk in ur room & went to a party, but u still call them ur friend? Oh hell no.
I would say the easiest way to spot a bad friend is 1.) how often do they switch friends? 2.) WHO are their friends? If someone cant keep a friend or is always running with other people who stay in drama, that is a major red flag.
Smh ppl love to trip over a significant other they've been with for a few months but not over friendships they've had for years. You let him smash because he paid u a little attention, then he broke your heart, & a year later ur still not over him. but wait, you're the same female that couldn't care less whether or not you talk to your bestfriend you've had your whole life. it's nothing to break off that friendship, but let a man do you wrong...your devastated. when you're truly someone’s friend, you aren't just okay with them being out of your life. it's basically like they died. you don't see them, speak to them,...they're just a memory of some of the happiest times in your life, but now theyre gone
That is so not the way to go. God wants us to put others before ourselves (within reason), humble yourself and love everyone.
The easiest way I have learned to avoid all the drama, is of course to trust nobody, but also, stop putting your faith in people. They will always fail you. Always. God is the only one who will ALWAYS do you right and hold you down. Not saying to shut yourself off from the world, like I said you should love everyone, but don’t attach yourself to someone you barely even know, or better yet know is shady

Wow, Im sure a bunch of ppl at Hampton needed to hear this. Thanks for the story ! Have a similar story? send it in !!


Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Shout Out to CAG's Everywhere

OMG !! i Deff got 100 hits from yesterday to today !! HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY !! l0l

SOO, as you guys know.. ive been dealing with a CAG. And its sad because she's harrassing alot of people... i think she has psychological problems...So im going to use her as an example to all girls who deal with a CAG on a daily basis...

Lesson 14:
If she texts you:: D0N'T TEXT HER BACK !!
This is exactly what she wants you to do. And shes going to use these texts against you. She is going to show her friends like: "look, this lil girl keeps texting me asking me about (insert name here)"

Lesson 15:
If you get a message about some mess, whether its from her, her friends or family: D0N'T MESSAGE HER BACK !!
Well, you can message back.. but don'g start cussing and actin a fool. If its rude say "Im sorry you feel like that" and let that be it. You do not have to talk to them.

It really sad and pathetic that there are girls like this in the world.. but its just another case of AW (Angry Woman) or ABF (Angry Black Female).

I've been talking to this girl who is going thru HELL with her own CAG and it's really starting to upset her. Her CAG texts her, calls her, messages her on FB, and gets other people to do the same... and i think its soo sad. I feel sorry for this girl, but i feel even more sad for her CAG.. the fact that she does all of this shows that she cares WAY to much... even when she says that she doesn't which brings me to another point:

Lesson 16:
Even when your CAG says she doesn't care about you.. she does.
If she didn't care about you, she wouldn't be going thru all of this just to bother you. It's sad and pathetic.

Lesson 17:
If your a CAG cut it out !!
you look sad and pathetic. You care more about the person who are harrasing than your own life. Even tho you think your friends are laughing with you, they are laughing at you.. they think your crazy too !!

This is what my CAG wrote about me.. yess another status:

I don't know about you guys... but this is upsetting... not because she's talking about me, cuz i could care less... but because she feels the need to do this in the first place. I guess she thinks that she's the reason im doing all of this.. but i'll let you know the reason i went thru this whole 3 day blogg spree about the situation:

I want people who are going thru this situation to know that they are not alone. there are CAG's every where. Some are going thru it way worst than me, and some aren't having it bad at all. The thing is, most of these girls are so upset, and crying to their friends about it. But me, I laugh at it because I see thru it. And you should too. The CAG is just insecure, and trying to use you to make herself feel better.

So DONT give in !! you are better than her, and are probably already over the guy who she is obsessed with. You are beautiful and intelligent, and don't let this low-life interfere with anything!!

Hope I helped someone.


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

a Wee Little Rant pt. 2 *Update*

soo... CAG wrote a status about me on FB yesterday... l0l.

But.. since she put my name all out of FB... i guess i can put her name out too right?
well this is what Amber Pugh's FB status read:


Its alway nice to know that I'm on peoples minds... and that this shows how much people really never grow up.. even when they are about to be a mom or are already mothers... hmmm...

so like i said, im working on a post about unfit mothers (im sure we know who im reffering too) but now i have been motivated to also write another one... mothers who act like children... geeze who would have ever thought the these people would have been my inspiration...

oh BTW: GO LAKERS !!! 103-94 baby!! =]


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Everyday clique wasted !!

So, this story is funny !! l0l

Lesson 13:
Don't talk it and not back it up !! l0l

Well back in high school, my senior year me and a couple of my friends had the luxury of turning 18 before the school year ended. So one Friday during lunch me and the fellas are at the table and we some how make an idea that we should all go to the strip club later that night. Everyone that was 18 agreed with an enthusiastic "hell yea" lol..
so night time comes, and one of my boys bas this older homie that was like 25 26 ish that always buys us bottles from the liquor store... and he decides to come with us to the strip club to quote on quote " show us how he get down" lol
So we all are in the car on the way to the strip club its four of us me, 2 of my homies from school, and the old head (no homo) and we are in the car getting messed up! We drinkin E&J as well as Henny str8! But I look at ol buddy that's 25 and he appears to be way more drunk than all of us!
So we get to the club which has 2 sides, a pole dancing side and a private dance side, yu have to pay admission for both sides...
So we go on the pole dancer side for like 30 mins, it was nothing I haven't seen before so I wasn't too excited but I was feeling good !! Lol
So the 25 yr old dude has a bright idea to go to the private dance side.
So we go outside and the 25 yr old leads and goed thru the private dance door, he starts to scream with this big ass bouncer that looked like Kimbo Slice lol so we try to calm him down because the bouncer gave us the look that meant "I'm bout to fuck your boy up!" So we try to calm him down but he is so drunk and not listening to us that we just walk outside and lean againt the wall outside, they were stillllll arguing smh
So the next thing you know me and my niggas just see's Mr. 25 just fly out the fuckin door and the bouncer. He had on a white button up that was now black and the same for his white fitted... it was so crazy it wasn't right but I died laughing!
The End -

Lol... its ok to get wasted... just dont get too wasted !!

Monday, May 25, 2009

A Wee Little Rant pt. 2

sorry its taken me so long to post today... i've been lazy. l0l

so i've had a wee bit of DRAMA these past couple of nights... basically to make a long, dumb and pointless story short:

my ex bf cheated on me w/ this girl.. like... June 07.. yess ages ago !! we broke up over other reasons.. but they got together after she told him that she was pregnant... she wasn't. So i know ur asking why did he stay with her.. well she continued to say she was pregnant... untill now. well now she actually is pregnant.. yay.. congrats. l0l.

well this girl is still in my life, calling my phone from blocked numbers, writing like me, posing like me, getting the same phone as me, hinting about being bi to me (the bitch is ugly.. NEVER.. eww) and writing in my honesty box. creepy... i know.

well recently someone hacked into her facebook account.. i thought it was HILAR !! and its funny because she has been doing all of the above stuff to people besides me... home girl went OFF yall !! hahahah. she was like "this bitch is crazy, she been callin me, honesty boxing me, and now she got played. get a life bitch". funny funny funny !!

soo of course they blame me ! JOY!! i knew it was gonna happen because their entire family is obsessed with me. So after numerous hb messages after this.. i decided to delete her from my FB. needless to say the hb messages stopped. too bad the phone calls and friend request didn't.. so we had this lovely exchange of messages:: I wont say her name.. lets call her.. CAG- crazy as girl... yes i'm being nice.=]

ooops i forgot the lesson.

Lesson 12:
don't piss me off, i wasn't taught to play fair. =]

Morgan Monroe
May 22 at 5:09am
Please stop requesting to be my friend, I dbt like you. Its annoying and pathetic, thank you.

May 22 at 6:18am
Report Message
i didnt i haven't been on mi page but if that was u who hacked mi page very childish n i knw ur a very fake ass person cuz ur tha only person who spell(ex-boyfriend) name wot two ds Lik me many ppl dnt knw that so it was either u or tresia yall funny hope yall had fun cuz it still didnt brk up mi happy home lol go get on another guys dick or another girl pussy which ever u prefer thats y he
Sent via Facebook Mobile

(soo... she didnt start spelling his name with 2 ds until i learned from his mother that thats the corrct way to spell it. she calld him, asked.. and then proceeded to spell his name the same way)

Morgan Monroe
May 22 at 12:15pm
Umm, I mean if u makes u happy to believe that its me, then that's cool. I could care less. I didn't message u to have a conversation tho, just to say stop requesting me
Sent via Facebook Mobile

May 22 at 1:29pm
Report Message
idc if it was u or not i knw hoe certain ppl spell his name Lik i said before go b on another dick or wateva
Sent via Facebook Mobile

Morgan Monroe
May 22 at 1:59pm
Ummm, are you finished ranting yet?
Sent via Facebook Mobile

(notice how she starts talking in caps.. l0l)

May 22 at 6:51pm
Report Message

Morgan Monroe
May 22 at 6:55pm
im not fake cuz i dont talk to you, but i lowkey wish u would stop talking to me.. but since i knw ur not.. ill just stop replying... and im ignoring you AGAIN>>> stop sending them to me.

May 22 at 6:58pm
Report Message

May 22 at 6:59pm
Report Message
S0 U CAN AlS0 ST0P REQUESTN (ex-boyfriend)...U THRU G00D BYE FiND S0MB0Di ElSE

Soo as you can see... ive had an eventful weekend... l0l. so after this, i just kinda let her sit in my friend request section.... until yesterday.

i changed my status to something... not out of a song.. just out of my head. 1 minute later she changed it... so some ppl that may mean nothing.. but that made me raise flags.. probably because of the phone calls and messages i got about it, before i saw it. it also raised flags because she was not my friend on fb, and my page is blocked to those whom aren't my she's been getting on someone else's page and looking at mine.. yes doing THE MOST.

so i added her.. looked at our mutual friends.. turns our she's friends with not only my best friends from Bama, but also my good friends from HU, my cousin, my lil sister, my cousins ex boyfriend, and 2 guys who i used to talk to.. NOT COOL !!

so i blocked her, and all of the random's we had in common. then i get this lovely message from her brother... aka her.

May 24 at 11:15pm
Report Message
if you playing on my sis phone or doing some to her page could you please stop she already said yall aint cool and she dont have your number so if its you can you chill and if its that other girl let her know as well amber is already at a high risk pregnancy and the stress she dont need so the rumors or whatever you saying about her you need to stop cause she dont be stun you to be honest she always at work or sleep or with fultondale

Morgan Monroe
May 24 at 11:28pm
Not to be rude but I dobt give a fuck about any p*** or a fuckin high risk ass pregnancy... It affects me in no way. I already told ur sister it wasn't me, so tell her to stop wanting it to be me and accept it. I swear yall r the most ignorant and annoying family ever. Leave me alone. I don't like any of yall... And its so pathetic how yall keep messaging me and adding me on fb. Like... Pretend I'm dead and don't think about me... This is the last thing I'm saying to any person with p*** as their last name. So hopefully things are clear. Good bye and good day.
Sent via Facebook Mobile

May 24 at 11:45pm
Report Message
she dont want it to be nothing she just tired of the bs just stop talking about my sis and saying shit about her point blank period just pretend her and fultondale dont exist stiop fucking with them xcause you havent been in a fight and you gone make her take it there

Morgan Monroe
May 24 at 11:50pm
i have come to the conclusion that you are stupid.
so i guess im just going to have to break this down:

*i do not call CAG
*i didnt not hack her account
*CAG is dead to me therefore i dont talk about her
*since she is dead to me.. i already dont think about her
*your sister has been writing in MY honesty box
*i know this because i know who broke into her account... and no it was not (other girl) **side note that was not in original message.. the girl who broke into her account wrote me an honesty box message apologizing for any inconvience she was causing me... and that it was not *other girl*)
*If she wants to fight over summ 8th grade he said she said... i mean i dont know what to tell hr, because i dont fight.. im too classy for that
*she is the one who is a tad bit to worried about me... she has added me on fb 3 times in the past 2 days while i click ignore, she changed her status to the same thing as mine...
*but nothing matters anymore.. ive already blocked her.. and now im blocking you... so hopefully we will have no more misunderstandings.

have a great life... if u move past this 8th grade shit u could have a great future ahead of you. bye.

soo.. my rant is this:: don't piss me off, i don't play fair. and if ur pregnant.. sit ur ass down and stop doing the most. i feel like also doing a post on unqualified people trying to get pregnant.. hmm. =]


Sunday, May 24, 2009

Don't get to comfortable

So for all you Lil Wayne fans... this is exactly wat he was talking about in his song "comfortable". I love it when you guys send me posts like this... it keeps things intresting !!

Lesson 12:
If you don't love me, somebody else will

its just a regular wednesday &ii decide to go see the ex-boo/bestfriend cause wifey wasnt acting right [&seems like she lost her touch]. ii calls, let her know i'll be over in an hour, she says okay. im all happy to see her &cause its been a minute &ii been focusing so much on wifey ii forgot about her. ii arrive, knock, &she opens the door in a black SEE THROUGH thong &bra. 1st im standing there like "bitch, who you got up in here?" bout to get mad ignorant cause she knew ii was coming. she doesnt even speak a word. just grabs my hand, leads me to a chair, ties my hands behind my back &starts to make an ice cream sundae [IN HER DRAWS]. got me sitting there thinking she trying to poison me or sum. she comes at me, sits in my lap &starts to feed me this damn sundae &spraying whipped cream everywhere
needless to say, we had sex...
but oh the plot thickens...
its not even all that that had me wanting to marry her on the spot, its what she did during the fuck session...
she gets up on my ass, goes to the bathroom &comes back with a "pearl tampon applicator". of course im lost as hell. she sticks it in, sprays the whipped cream in &informs me to lick it out...
not only did my love for her grow fonder, it made me question the level of creativity that ii put into sex &definitely made me step my game up.
&all because it was a wednesday, she wasnt even trying to get back with me. . .

so when you hear nicki minaj telling you to step yo pussy up...[listen]...cause what yo girl doesnt do, the next [or ex] girl will...*

Yay... first lesbian post !! =] haha


Saturday, May 23, 2009

Who says size doesnt matter?

So this lovely lady is saying what most women think but are too "class" to say.

Lesson 12:
size DOES matter

Size does matter. I am so tired of hearing size doesn’t matter; it is all about what you can do. That’s wrong! Size does matter. There is no sadder sight then a hard dick that’s a whole 4 inches. 4 inches can’t make me scream. 4 inches might make me wet but never an orgasm. In fact 4 inches makes sex harder for me. I have to fake moans and groans just for him to keep his manhood. I am not against small dick honestly. If you have a small dick and you know how to work your tongue, then we can be best of friends. But please don’t come to me with a small dick without any other skills. Yes words can be sweet but nothing is better than action.

With that said I can finally get to the story…

Being a virgin is a hard thing. In fact being a virgin in college is a harder thing. Luckily I am no longer a virgin. but I still remember those days. I will admit it; I was so damn excited to lose my virginity. I probably would have spread my legs to a janitor if he asked. Okay maybe not lol. Anyways it was finally the night I was going to lose it. I was nervous and excited until he pulled down his pants. My excitement was lost because this man was working with 4 inches hard! I was in disbelief. I had seen many dicks over my years and 4 inches was just oh so small. I still let him stick it in. I didn’t feel it when it went in. I asked him if he put it in and he yelled “YES BITCH, YOU WANNA RIDE”. Since I was unable to take him and his 4 inches seriously, I started giggling. Needless to say he wasn’t happy. I was on the bed as he stoked back and forth. I felt nothing. There was no pain and there was no pleasure. Finally he pulled out. I looked at him and asked if he could take me home. I never spoke to him again. 4 inches is too small for me. Size does matter!

Thank you so much for keeping it real. No girl wants to pull down a guys pants to 3 inches !! l0l.. just keepin it 100%!!


Hello Earthlings

Greetings from Jupiter !!

Yess.. I have moved to Jupiter... too many people are trying to go to Mars. I want you to come join me tho.. it gets lonely up here at times. I have brought 4 people here with me.. you wanna join? all you need for admission is to send in a story !! or u can IM me at talesofmonroe. Oh, and i have a new sign off!! enjoy.

Peace, Love and Sex,

Friday, May 22, 2009

Every young boys dream...

Heres another story. Im so excited !! l0l. if you want to see your story here send to =]

Lesson 11:
Catholic girls get it poppin.

So, for my guys, you know what I mean when I say senior year of high school was the best out of the four.years. And it was for me as well. Had my car, a little summer job, and I had just graduated. It felt like I was on top of the world. Then came this passion fruit, whose name for her sake will be "Tasty".
She was a green from the jump. Want to know how we met? At my prom dinner, and no, she wasn't my date. She was a friend of the family, my cousin's friend to be specific. I knew from the first time she looked at my crouch all she wanted was some deep stroke.

And about two weeks and two dates later, that's what she got. It was an awkward event though. Tasty told me her mom and dad worked all day on tuesdays so I could come through whenever and stay til whenever! Before 8 o'clock of course. So I showed up at about one. Considerin I had work @ 5 I figured that would give me just enough time to bang it out for 3 hours and an hour of leeway to get to work.

Pulled into the driveway and called her cell to let her know I was outside, tasty told me to come around back. Walked up to her backyard patio and smelt cigarette smoke. Now I was not a fan of tobacco, but she mad cigarette smoking look like the best blow job on earth. And she went to catholic school, have you seen a catholic uniform before you're about to sex? Hopefully not if you're over 18. I was 17 so I was good LoL. So we go inside to the basement living room and sat on the couch, watched some Maury, and then I told her I couldn't take it anymore, it was time to get down. So she gets on top of me, and I reach under her skirt to grab some loving and OMFG!!! No panties. I melted in the chair then and there. Catholic uniform and no panties? The couch disappeared and I was looking up to the ceiling from her floor, with chest in hand. Then, an air matress appeared. This was any 17 year old's dream: my very own pornset complete with bad lighting and clear high heels on the girl. So we go and go and go until she says "baby I can't do it anymore, I came like 4 times". Oh yeah, superman cape on my back. I just happened to look @ the clock which said 4:45.

Soooo remember that job?

I didn't lose it for being late but I did catch reckless driving en route for doing 95 in a 50.

What I learned?
Sex with bad girl in catholic school girl outfit + afternoon shift = another driver's ed class

HAHA !! im sure all guys wishes this happened to them.

Until we meet again,

Thursday, May 21, 2009

You know what thy say about drunken words...

Yay !! Another submission. I'm sure a few of you can relate to this one. If you have a story you want to submit send it in !!

Lesson 10:
Your not Jamie Fox, so stop trying to blame in on the alcohol

So I always hate when people use being drunk as an excuse for what they did or pretending like they don't remember what they did the next day... but you can remember that I am mad at you?!?! Crazy! I know! anyways... In having a get together at my house on Saturday night my friends and I and some associates were all drinking and having fun. Now I like to keep my personal business personal... so only really close friends know about my relationships/ boo... and barely anything a that! Yes low key! I have well HAD! this one friend who THINKS they are the relationship guru/ master/ know -it - all.... but cant keep a relationship themselves! Funny! yeah! well lately they have been all up in my biz! talking to my boo about whats going on... So i kindly asked her to STOP! Well that was a month before this night! So on this night that I was hosting my get together (at my apartment), she decides to take the person who i talk to aside to talk! I don't mind because note we have all been friends for the last 3-4 years so it is not uncommon for any of us to talk. But i notice her say something about me and i again ask for her NOT to play Dr Phil. Mind you we all had been drinking a lot of wine but its WINE!!! I have been the one to see her pissy drunk plenty of times and let me tell you she is not even close to that point! Anyways she keeps saying little things that i try to blow off because there are a lot of people around... finally i walk out the room and as the guy I talk to is leaving I ask him to tell her to just stop because obviously both of us need to tell her to MYOB because its not working from just me he agrees but says she says she is doing it for me I had to let it be known for good that she is doing it for herself because i never asked her to do anything regarding him and I! So when I go back in ( let me paint a picture of the scene... there are people in the living room on the ouch talking people standing by the counter 2 people in the kitchen and the whole table is full of people) I go to the table and again she asked what i just said to him I kindly turn and say "please stop you are not Dr Phil and I don't need counseling." she then turns and loudly so that everyone in the apartment stops says "I am just helping its not my fault he wants___ (his ex) and is just fucking you on the side" So before I put all her dirty laundry out (oh because she has a couple loads) I removed myself to my room where I childishly called the guy and told him off... yes immature of me to not get his side but your supposed to trust your girls... right?? Too bad she didn't know why he and his ex actually broke up... I did but like I said you trust your girls.... right... Anyways everyone was trying to talk to me but i locked my door... And how dare me walk out 40 minutes later and this chick is still sitting at my table drinking and socializing. I am kind of a passive person because i still said nothing I used the bathroom and went back to y room... yes I know how could the host be in her room crying while people are drinking down her money... I try to stay nice! I did not flip till people tried to invade my space in my room that's when I went off!
So now that you have the detailed story hear this she goes outside my apt "drunk" crying to everyone that I am mad! Stop Please! then text me I am nothing but nice in my response that I just
don't want to talk because I would never do that to her so I expect the same treatment the next morning i receive more texts and this time the tone is rude and almost like she is trying to play me! So i stop responding... I have been back home now and recently a friend called telling me she is claiming she was drunk and does not even remember... HA! Please! Lets be grown and start taking responsibility you know because you text me and know wont talk to the guy.... YOU were wrong and you are not Jaimie Foxx so stop blaming it on the alcohol!

Im sure her friend learned a valuable lesson. She would have been kicked out of the house if it was my call...

Until we meet again,

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Wee Little Rant.

So, I am a fan of a blogger names Necole Bitchie ( ). i was reading her site ... oooh 5 seconds ago... and came across an entry she wrote today in regards to Julie Henderson who is dating Russle Simmons.

Apparently, Julie wrote a blog about.. well i'll just let you read it:

I have been spending “special time” with Russell for about 4 months and in that time I have learned some subtle things about some in the black community that have surprised me. I must say that while it has been a bit of a challenge for me, it has also been a wonderful learning experience. I realize that in this day of Obama and change that there is still a tremendous amount of poverty, suffering and pain in the black community, and for that I am deeply sorry. But, I have to say the angry responses to those realities are sometimes misdirected….Just for the record, I am nobody’s white b*tch, gold digger or fame chaser. Nor am I any of the other mean things I have been called lately. I don’t need anything from anybody, I come from a good family and I’m a young independent “successful” model making my way in NYC. (If you don’t believe me google me or go to

Finally, I just wanna say that Russell has been a great “special” friend and I’m sure as sh*t not giving him up cause some in America object to our friendship. I wanna close by saying, what Russell always says, Namaste. (That means the goddess in me recognizes the goddess in you)….Or, b*tch get your own man.

then Necole Responded on her blog with this:

Dear Julie,

As a woman of color who has come from the “Black Community”, one that you say is “plagued with pain, suffering and poverty”, we grew up hearing those very words from our own people “black b*tch, gold digger, fame chaser”. Oh, and must I not forget the most disrespectful of them all “b*tch s*ck my d*ck”!

I hate to tell you this, but you are not singled out because you are a “white woman” who just happens to be dating a “black man”. This is just our reality. I am glad that you are now more aware of what we as black women have been subjected to in our own community for the majority of our lives. And you wonder why we are so “Angry”…

Welcome to my world!

Love Necole

Honestly... I think that everyone in the situation needs to stop acting like little girls. I personally think that black women are too... EXTRA about a lot of things. In my opinion Necole is totally out of line, and really shouldn't have said anything. I understand exactly where Julie is coming from. Women as a WHOLE regardless of race, need to stop trying to start an argument about everything. This is one of the main sterotypes that black women try to overcome, but when shit like this happens, how can you judge the world for thinking that about us? What all women and Necole need to realize is this:

Lesson 9::
Talkin shit about her, isn't going to make you look cool.

This shit seems like fuckin middle school to me... And in my opinion, it seems like Necole just felt like going off on someone, and Julie happened to be the target. Julie.. do your thing, ignore all of the negativity, and people putting words in your mouth. Necole do your shit, i love ur website... but don't try to word things for your blog. I was in no way offended by her message and you really shouldn't be either.

I didn't feel like she was directing anything at black women.. i think she was just gettin some shit off her chest.

Until We Meet Again
or even better :: Namaste,

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


So, IDK if you guys follow Yung Joc on Twitter.. ( ) but this nigga is FUNNY!! l0l. First he starts alot of hype saying that him, Kat Williams, and DMX were about to give a big ass dog some coke.Then he says he got attacked and is in the hospital. It was all a lie, but shit, it made me wanna follow him to see what kinda funny shit he was gonna say. Well if you have been foloowing him you know what TUESDAY means, and if you havnt you will soon. HE says he is ready to air some shit out about who he is suing, and ppl who talk that shit. So thank you Yung Joc for todays lesson.
Lesson 8:
Don't Talk Shit... you never know who is going to get the last laugh.

btw: if yall dont have that drake tape ( )..or my bf Deron's new single "wonderland"( ) yall are slippin.. get up on it !!!

Until we meet again,

Monday, May 18, 2009


Sooo, my friend finally sent me his storrryy !! yee... read it

this entry, while funny does have a lesson. l0l

Lesson 7:
Women, there is a difference in being in a sexual relationship, and just being somebody's personal slut.

So, three weeks since we last hooked up.

I didn't really want to talk to her anymore. What had started as a friendship sparked by a shared love for fashion had turned into lustful barter for sex between tw
o young people. But, the enjoyment was more than absent for me at this point.

It had gotten so bad that when I saw her name on my screen for a call or text, I knew there was only one thing she wanted, scrotum. So, after getting hip to her whoreness, I decided I'd have a little fun. Non-head giving was one of my fortes in this poke'n'stroke relationship. I refused to put my tongue anywhere near the cooch of a girl that swallowed my future children with the snap of my finger, let alone the fact that I never intended to make her my girlfriend. But one day, something in me said, "[My name goes here] go ahead and do it, have a little fun".

I told her to come over. She came in. We spoke and drank some lemonade. I was on facebook, and then she went up stairs. It's game time. I waited a minute before I went upstairs because I honestly didn't feel like having sex at the moment. I had a test the next day. But, who cared. So I went upstairs with the intent to eat box like I had never eaten before. Like, I wanted cardboard on my mustache. We kissed. I "hand prepared her filet mingon" (listening to Wayne as I write this". And then, I decided to go in for the munch. I said, "Take you panties off". She did. I rubbed my hands, bit my tongue, and then....

I walked out the room, put my shoes on, and left.

I didn't just walk outside to get something though. I went to get something to eat. Hit the grocery store, and I stopped by the ice cream shop. Needless to say, she was gone when I got back.

Wouldn't trade it for the world though. That was comedy.

if u have any intresting story send it tooo meee !! =]

Until we meet again,

Sunday, May 17, 2009

What a Saturday Night.

hmm... so no updates in awhile... l0l

Lesson 5:
don't wait on your friends to help u w/ ur blog !! l0l

I was waiting on my friend DH to send me a story, and he didn't.. so here we are... after a week. l0l.

Lesson 6:
Old men are scary, especially when your at a hood party.

So i was at a rather CRAZY party Saturday night. Like strippers, old men, young girls, weed, liquor.. yess the works. so while i was there, i fell asleep. don't think I'm a light weight, not even. My contacts kept drying up because of all of the action going around. I got hit on by 3 old ass men.

1st man: i would say late 40s early 50s. He kept trying to make small talk with me about stupid stuff so i was being really rude. He offered to bring me a drink... but every lady knows (don't let a man bring you a drink). He is actually the reason i fell asleep in the first place, soo boring. l0l

2nd man: so i closed my eyes AGAIN because my eyes were stinging. As soon as i closed the this white man was like [this] close to my face and was like, why are you falling asleep, and scared the shit out of me. He asked me the same questions as the first boring man. and when he saw how rude i was being he was like "well I'm gonna go look for my friend in V.I.P. if you need a ride, or anything lemme know !!

*now why in the fuck did he really think that i would ask him for a ride? Jersey men are scary.

3rd man: So i went to find my friends after the 2nd man left, and this other man walks up to me. He was like can I get you a drink, and it was like 3am so i said OK. I went to the bar and he was giving me the SAME boring small talk. H then asked if he could take me out. I lied and said I had a girlfriend, he then said, well I own the club that these strippers came from, I can hook you up with one of them...

*wwwhhhyyy would I want to hook up with a stripper? come on guys.

so yeah.. my night was defiantly interesting, l0l.

i should have another story very soon.. and like i said, if anyone has any funny stories that they learned a lesson from.. send them in.

thanks babes !!

Until We Meet Again,

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

your stories

Sooooo, I know that there are things that happen that I can't relate to. SOO... I've decided that if anyone has any personal experiences to add email me at and i'll post it. You don't have to release your name if you don't want... soo, yeah. thats it. l0l

Until We Meet Again,

Good Morning !! =]

So.. while I was at my friends house the other day we started having a conversation about being saved. Im the first person to admit that I know I'm not saved. Don't get me wrong, i believe in Jesus and Heaven and Hell, but my road is not on the right path yet. which brings me to my point:

Lesson 4:
you cant force yourself to be saved

When it is time for you to be saved it will happen. God has a different plan for all of our lives, so don't try to rush anything. Go with the flow, don't make ignorant decisions, and when it feels right, you know its your time.

Until we meet again,

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


so, i went out saturday night to hang out with my amazing friends, who i havent seen in soo long. our original plans both fell through so we hung out with some oldies but goodies. we left mighty late... really for no reason... soo:
Lesson 3:
know when to say no to your friends

one of our friends convinced us to drive complety out of the way then where we were going. It was 4 in the morning. Instead of putting our foots down and saying no, we said yess. I didnt get home until 6 in the morning... and had to wake up to go to church in the morning. So i know it can be hard.. but when its time to say no.. you have to do it.
sorry this one is so short... but im tired and have to do things tomorrow. There will deff be a post tomorrow. =]

Until we meet again.

Friday, May 8, 2009

1 && 2

So, everyone tells me that i should blog... so Im going to start.

I kinda want to use this blog to help people learn from the many, many, MANY mistakes I've made, with guys, girls, drinks, drugs, friends, and school.. sounds interesting right? I thought so. l0l

Freshman year was CRAZY. i talked to a few good guys, and a few bad seeds.
all in all... i can say it was a success. I learned more about myself than I thought I could.

Lesson 1:
If a guy is not you boyfriend; Never hang with a guy more than your friends.

I would always yell at my friends, when they disappeared on our group because of a guy. As soon as I met a guy I really liked, I did the exact same thing. It was the first time I did it, but it was fun.. and I really ended up liking him. Unfortunately the feeling wasn't mutual. I deff liked him more than he liked me. When we stopped talking, I felt weird.. I was bored, cuz i didn't have anywhere to go every night like before.

Lesson 2:
Make sure you and the guy are on the same page/have the same agenda.

I was starting to like him as a boyfriend, but he still saw me as a cool girl who he could chill with, and didn't get on his nerves. Which hurt like hell to find out. So, i guess this break will help me a lot.

Hmm.. i like this blogging thing.. l0l.

Until we meet again...