Monday, June 29, 2009

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hmmm, this weekend was great...

i have a few story ideas comin up... i guess i could let u in on them

  • Hamptonian Men/Women-i will discuss my (and yours) thoughts on the different catefgories of ppl at HU

  • Hoe?- i will look deep into the word hoe, and see what it really means

  • Diets- Im going to try a few diff diets and see if they actually work

While I work on these ideas, i will still have a few plug ins, but as you know they will be a little shorter... but intresting... HOWEVER, if you (send in) some stories... i can put them up !! yaay !! l0l--->

in the mean time:: Check em out

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Its not your beauty, its yo booty

SOOO... if you know me well, you know that one of my biggest pet peeves are people talking to their past exs/love flings/cutty buddys friends.... Didnt catch that? i'll explain.

Susie and Jonny messed around/talked for 3 months. Susie and Jonny stop talking. Susie and Jonny stop messing around. Susie wants someone new. Susie starts talking to Bobby. Susie starts messing around with Bobby. [The Catch] Bobby and Jonny are best friends

Lesson 25:
Its not your beauty, its yo booty*

AHH !! Just thinking about this makes me mad. I mean Im not gonna lie, there our exceptions.

  • Sometimes it just happens- you cant always help who your attracted to. If you just started hanging out with this group, it may happen... ONCE*

  • You may meet this wonderful guy... and then once you start talking, you realize that him and your ex-boo are friends... its ok to talk... SOMETIMES*

My thing is, why would you KNOWINGLY want to mess around with someones friend.. so they can talk about how you fooled around with both of them to all of their other friends?

Whats even worse then that, is when people mess around within the family... thats gross !! and you should CHILLLLL.... l0l*

The reason I'm bringing this up, is because Ive ran into some people lately who have been doing this like its ok... and its not... you saw what they did on Ray J of Love "Danger, she smashed the homies"... I mean... lets be reallll... boys find it funny to talk about stuff like that.

I mean, like I said, there are exceptions.. and people are entitled to mistakes.... but if it happens ONCE, it should NEVER happen again. There are too many guys in the world for you to be stuck on that one group of friends, that one fraternity, that football team, basketball team...etc*

So lady's.. why don't we start treating ourselves like ladies so that these guys can't think they can pass you around his friends. The first time one of their friends approches you, or he tries to put you on, you should let them know asp that its not goin down like that. My friend Mahd Johnson wrote this note on FB and I think that all ladies should read this.... Im closing the blog off like this::



Real Spit if men aint sh*t........

Then women aint fiber.....meaning for yall slow people yall aint helping the SH*T making it worse...

All on my homepage I get statusess and all kindss of stuff talking about how men aint nothing and this bamma came at you wrong and how you wan a real man....Letss be real...yall dont want a real man...and Im gonna tell you why you dont want a real man...CUZ A REAL MAN IS GONNA TREAT YOU HOW YOU WANNA BE TREATED.....real men are simple we dont really play games ...and for real we dont have no game....Games are for players(something like a pimp ,chuuuuuucchh) so thats what you really want somebody to play the games taht you play back with you....and when they dont, you get mad and say men aint sh*t...please...

1. If you degrade your self by saying that you"the
baddest b**ch" having all this swag or anything related to can you
honestly expect to get a real man. real men want class , not b*(ches with that dont even sound you gonna brag about being a
b**ch with bout being a lady with class.....
2. If i see a man in a police gonna assume he is
a cop...if a see a lady in a h** uniform im gonna assume she is a
h** when you go to the club dress like you looking for sex (with
your breast haning out..the clef of your butt peeking under your dress, or
humping the mess out of everting that looks good to you)...guess what you gonna
get a man that just looking for sex....when you put butt shots up or pictures of
you and your friends bending over in front of a camera on the
internet...guess what you gonna get that repsponds to that... a whole bunch of
..."dam girl that butt is phat" or " im trying to see what that be
like"...these are all quotes comeing from brovas who play the game...and when
you respnd back... first thing the bama is thinking is that you easy..and guess
what are....real talk..sorry to say it..but if it was that easy to
get your attention..dam..i know some bammas that would have you..let me

prime example of the exact opposite of this I would a young lady thats on my friend list im not gonna put her full name but Jasmine just gonna be real.. youngin is probaly one of the most maturist (sp), classiest (sp), and sexiest yougnins I know...real spit I aint never really seen youngin half naked when i have seen her out...or in pictures on facebook...never heard her refer to herself as a b**ch or anything negative, and she keeps her bizness to her self which leads me to...

to say dont tell your friends about how good your partner is, cuz they gonna
wanna find out... Yall females of today go past that and tell the whole wide
world how good your man is...and then put pictures up...and tagg him in the
pictures...probaly put his twitter up to..(follow @foyolyfe)...keep your
business to yourself...and if your man was as half as good as yall say he wouldnt even have time to be on here talking about would be
to busy at least attempting to love him back just as much as he loves
you....Loving your queen is hard work for real men...espcially since most men
are lazy...and if it aint hard work for the means he aint loving you
right or he loving some one else...while you up here talking bout him...he
inboxing some young freak thats reading your status....thinking of all kinds

REAL MEN ARE GONNA TREAT YOU LIKE YOU WANT TO BE TREATED. woman created this game...yall are bred and raised to learn how to please and get a man from birth...we when were born we are raised to play in the dirt and pick up bugs and football....then later on after we start to notice girls we pick up on how things ran..yall created this game and you mean to tell me you cant find a man to treat you like a is that so when woman was playing with doll babies, and dress up, and all this other feminine stuff when they are you young. us men weren't learning pick up lines when we were young..we were dirt monkeys, and girls had how is it that yall keep finding men that aint bout nothin know why...take a guess.............................cuz you aint fiber...for all yall slow people...YOU AINT S**T EITHER....STOP COMPLAINING ABOUT THE GAME YALL CREATED UNLESS YOU REALLY DOING SOMETHING TO CHANGE IT...TEST SINGLE "mamacita" SHOULD BE UP TOMMOROW IF EVERYTHING GOES RIGHT...MAKE SURE YALL DOWNLOAD SO YALL CAN HEAR SOME REAL MAN WORDS ABOUT WOMAN...


Monday, June 22, 2009

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Yay !!

soo, ive finally gotten to over 1,000 hits !! I'm sooo happy !!
yall, please help me get more hits, by telling your friends, sending in stories, and sending in suggestions of stories you want to read !!

aww, i love you guys !!
i will also start posting on twitter and FB when i update soo look me up !!

and send me ur stories ::

Friday, June 19, 2009

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OMG !! This is going to be a craaaazy weekend !! im going to try to post, but if I don't check out this blog::

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Run up get done up?

So this is a story sent in by a friend of mine. You guys have all read about CAG and what not.. well this is her CAG story.

Lesson 24:

Run up get done up?

So, a lot of people love to watch all those crazy lifetime stories. They are all about the same :: murders, stalkers, sex addicts... etc. Well I am living one of those stories.

This story could be pages long, but im going to make a long story short. So, some of you have already known about the CAG and what Monroe went thru... except now the CAG has turned to me. Monroe and KO(ex-boyfriend in CAG stories) broke up b/c of CAG, and after the split CAG and KO got back together. I go to church with KO which is where I met him. He asked for my number and then we later met at walmart and started talking. KO and I were feeling each other and we soon started dating. Thats when CAG came back into the picture. She added me as a friend on Facebook and started pop chatting me and saying rude and innapropate things. She got my number out of KOs phone and started to call me from blocked numbers, and texting me telling me about how she was going to "beat me up". She used to love saying that he was just using me... So if breaking up with you for me is using me.. then I guess your right. When i stopped paying her attention again she went back to Facebook. Then she started pop chatting me from fake pages like :: Justin Smith, Brad Thomas, Nasia Thompson, Nazia Thomas, and then a page wit my name. Yes thats right, she made a fake page of crazy can you get? She then started adding friends and classmates of mine to these fake profiles. Sometimes she wouldn't say anything to them, but other times she would message them talking shit about me. When I would start dating a boy, she would message these guys telling them that I'm a h**, I'm ugly.. and all of these other things.

The sad part is, these things have been going on since October.

This previous month CAG and I have been having a "status war"... To make matters worse, friends from both parties were also talking shit on our walls. It go so far, that I told her to meet me at my Grandmothers house, who lives 2 blocks away from her. Needless to say, she didn't show up.

A few days after this happened my sister and I went to Wal-Mart. Turns out CAG works there. She saw us when we came in the door. We looked around for a bit, and when it was time to checkout we went to her lane. When we got up to her, she said she was on break.

I found this funny, because this girl has been telling me that she wanted to "beat me up"... so i gave her the perfect opportunity. But instead of "kickin my butt" as she also liked to say, she took one look at me and went on break.

So later that day, she goes about her normal things. Talkin behind the computer instead of saying it to my face when she had the chance. Maybe one day she will take me up on one of my offers...

DANG, sooo i guess threats really don't mean anything...


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

pink stripe polo, yellow plaid capris*

once again its been awhile !! MY BAD !! l0l

so while at Wal-Mart today I noticed something that has always bothered me. Women dressing their daughters horribly!! The boys are always dressed nicer and this bothers me.

Lesson 23:
Dress your girls like girls

I understand the first thing many of you are going to say is "maybe they don't have the money.. blah blah blah..."

money IS NOT everything !! I have never been one to spend a bunch of money on my clothes, but I like to think that I still look nice. There is no reason for children to be dressed all tacky, and for their hair to be all over the place.

Here is a simple solution for keeping your daughter looking nice... go to Target.. its sooo much better that Wal-mart, and the clothes look better. Buy shirts, shorts, skirts, and jeans that can be worn with each other. Get neutral colors in these and SHOES !! Teach her how to do her hair EARLY... let her know how to comb and brush her hair in a pony tail... if u straighten her hair... wrap it for her, and make her learn how to do it.

Please don't forget that stores do have sales and clearance sections. I LOVE clearance, (probably because it always takes me forever to go buy something I really want) and you will always find something in there. I have found Abercrombie jeans for $10 on clearance. It happens.

Up keep starts early... if you know someone who is doing their daughter this mis-justice please pass this along.

::there was going to be a picture added, but a car drove by as soon as the picture took::


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Front Street, Woah

SOOO, as I was reading on of my daily blogs YESTERDAY, I noticed that Bow Wow had made a rather rude comment about what APPEARS to be Kim Kardashian and his ex Ciara... via Necole from Bow Wows Twitter:

::Fellas, don’t you feel like a G when ya ex and another girl u banged or f*cked around with r now friends? boosts my ego up! like daaaayum ima pimp

::wat makes it funny i dont think she knows! ha! im laughn lol….

This comment was said shortly after this picture was released:

Lesson 22:
This aint cute

Girls hate when you try to put them on blast. If Bow did get Kim, what makes him think that she would be with again if he's tellin all of her business? Girls aren't dumb... we catch a bunch of the lil sly bs that guys try to say when they are around their homeboys. Trust we do the same stuff with our homegirls. But NOONE likes their business put on front street, Now if this isn't about Kim, Bow STILL messed up, because it's no secret that Kim and Ciara have been hanging out lately, and everyone is going to be jumping to conclusions. I'm sure Kim will have something to say about this... since people or wondering. OR, would it be better if she didn't say anything and just let everyone keep guessing?


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Why so serious?

So, last night I had a run in with a jealous girlfriend. I was supposed to go chill with my home girl to watch a movie, around 9. So it comes around, and I don't trip about people being on time because I'm always late. But its like 9:30, and i finally get a text, saying "my girlfriend trippin" and I'm like why? She replies "she doesn't want anyone coming over here that late".

Lesson 21:
Stop jumping to conclusions

Soo, I'm not gonna lie: this pissed me off. I think that girls over react about any and everything when it comes to a relationship. Its not a lie to say that girls very rarely completely trust their partners. There is always someone who cheated on them in the past and "blah blah blah". Ok well maybe I'm a different type of girl, but things like this do not make me jealous. As long as the person I am with lets me know what's up, like watchin a movie with a lot of people doesn't make me trip. I could understand if it was going to be just me and her, but her roommate was there, her roommate had friends over, and some of their mutual friends where there... soo my question is, where does suspicion play into this? In my eyes... none, so it just makes this girl look stupid to me.

So the point of this story is:: don't jump to conclusions. I'm not gonna lie, when bs like this happens I talk about you. No matter who YOU are. If you're over reacting about a situation that involves me or any of my friends, I think you're dumb. If you and your partner can't hang out with separate friends then you guys do not have a real relationship. Your going to be sitting around wondering what they are doing, and they are going to be annoyed because you are always crawled up in their butt wondering what they are doing and bugging them... so girls and some guys, CHILL OUT !! If they are yours then they are yours, and you have nothing to worry about. If you have that much doubt about them, you probably shouldn't be in a relationship with them*

Any stories you would like to share.. maybe about the opposing side, or if you just have any thoughts or feelings in general email me::

you will probably see your story up here soon.


Sunday, June 7, 2009

Don't Rush

So, Im in Hampton...

Lesson 20::
you never know what you have till it's gone

I was soo excited to come back to Hampton when I first got home. Then once I got settled in and started hanging out with my friends, I realized how much I was going to miss everyone. Even tho i am happy to be back because I miss them too, I realized that sometimes you shouldn't judge things before you get settled in. To all of my Bama buddies, I miss you guys a lot. To my Hamptonians Im happy to be here. So lets have a great time!!

to the readers:: these lessons are about to get interesting. Hampton is nothing but a bunch of lessons !! =]


Thursday, June 4, 2009

it wasn't me*

soo, its been brought to my attention that some of you guys think that I have written all of these post...

Sooo, here the clarification:: if the entire story is in WHITE it is not written by me, it was sent in by someone.

sooo, yeah I hope that helps, sorry if that took some of the excitemnt away....

and speaking of sent in stories umm.. can you ppl send some in por favor?

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Your the only stupid one...

sorry it been a while.. i was waiting on some stories to come in, but they havent...


Lesson 19:
CAG's stop thinking that the girls your obsessed with are stupid. =]

no more drama for me.. well low key there is. the CAG made a fake fb profile and tried to add me as a friend.

at first CAG made it a boy named Brad Thomas from Homewood, AL.... My friend told me about this person, and how it was really CAG. The person was messaging this girl calling her every name under the sun, callin her ugly.. it was soo rude...

Then, a week or 2 later Brad Thomas went from a boy... to a girl. from the Birmingham network to the Virginia Beach, VA network. Then Brad Thomas went from Brad to N****a Thomas... a female name.

soo, i looked at the email address, cuz u know u can look up people by the email.. how funny that the email is

hmm, who else has the last name of pugh? So to make matters funnier, My friend AG saw the page when we were hangin out, and we called N****a and asked her if she had FB, and she said no. (yesss people, this girl doesn't even have her own FB...and CAG went and made one up !! bahaha) So we sent the girl the profile pic and link to the page via email, and her friend looked her up, and confirmed it.... whats even funnier is that N****a knew it was CAG from the jump !! l0l.

and on another note.. CAG saw me and AG at the mall on Sat. She has been trying to get him to stop talking to me for a little while now, so after sat, one of her friends randomly started hitting AG up... coincidence? I think notttt