Saturday, May 23, 2009

Who says size doesnt matter?

So this lovely lady is saying what most women think but are too "class" to say.

Lesson 12:
size DOES matter

Size does matter. I am so tired of hearing size doesn’t matter; it is all about what you can do. That’s wrong! Size does matter. There is no sadder sight then a hard dick that’s a whole 4 inches. 4 inches can’t make me scream. 4 inches might make me wet but never an orgasm. In fact 4 inches makes sex harder for me. I have to fake moans and groans just for him to keep his manhood. I am not against small dick honestly. If you have a small dick and you know how to work your tongue, then we can be best of friends. But please don’t come to me with a small dick without any other skills. Yes words can be sweet but nothing is better than action.

With that said I can finally get to the story…

Being a virgin is a hard thing. In fact being a virgin in college is a harder thing. Luckily I am no longer a virgin. but I still remember those days. I will admit it; I was so damn excited to lose my virginity. I probably would have spread my legs to a janitor if he asked. Okay maybe not lol. Anyways it was finally the night I was going to lose it. I was nervous and excited until he pulled down his pants. My excitement was lost because this man was working with 4 inches hard! I was in disbelief. I had seen many dicks over my years and 4 inches was just oh so small. I still let him stick it in. I didn’t feel it when it went in. I asked him if he put it in and he yelled “YES BITCH, YOU WANNA RIDE”. Since I was unable to take him and his 4 inches seriously, I started giggling. Needless to say he wasn’t happy. I was on the bed as he stoked back and forth. I felt nothing. There was no pain and there was no pleasure. Finally he pulled out. I looked at him and asked if he could take me home. I never spoke to him again. 4 inches is too small for me. Size does matter!

Thank you so much for keeping it real. No girl wants to pull down a guys pants to 3 inches !! l0l.. just keepin it 100%!!


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