Friday, May 8, 2009

1 && 2

So, everyone tells me that i should blog... so Im going to start.

I kinda want to use this blog to help people learn from the many, many, MANY mistakes I've made, with guys, girls, drinks, drugs, friends, and school.. sounds interesting right? I thought so. l0l

Freshman year was CRAZY. i talked to a few good guys, and a few bad seeds.
all in all... i can say it was a success. I learned more about myself than I thought I could.

Lesson 1:
If a guy is not you boyfriend; Never hang with a guy more than your friends.

I would always yell at my friends, when they disappeared on our group because of a guy. As soon as I met a guy I really liked, I did the exact same thing. It was the first time I did it, but it was fun.. and I really ended up liking him. Unfortunately the feeling wasn't mutual. I deff liked him more than he liked me. When we stopped talking, I felt weird.. I was bored, cuz i didn't have anywhere to go every night like before.

Lesson 2:
Make sure you and the guy are on the same page/have the same agenda.

I was starting to like him as a boyfriend, but he still saw me as a cool girl who he could chill with, and didn't get on his nerves. Which hurt like hell to find out. So, i guess this break will help me a lot.

Hmm.. i like this blogging thing.. l0l.

Until we meet again...

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