Thursday, September 3, 2009

said he wanna sex me*

So, yesterday I was talkin to one of my really good guy friends DH. I was telling him about how 2 people had really just flat-out asked me to have sex (at different times). When I said no to both of them, they thought I was kidding. I asked DH if they were being serious, and he was like yeah.... they were serious.

Lesson 35::
what makes a person sexually attractive?

I asked him what would even make them ask me that, and he replied "Monroe, a lot of people want to have sex with you" Now I would be lying if i said that no one has ever said this to me before. I don't get what the big deal is tho.

When I look in the mirror I don't see what the big deal is. I don't think I'm the baddest girl in the world, I don't consider my self popular so it can't be for status. Is it because I have a girlfriend and they want to test me? Then I start to think, is it the things they have heard about me? Yeah, that could be it... the only thing is the vast majority of the things I hear about myself are lies, and people who know me know that when I do something I fess up to it. I don't see the point in lying about something that everyone already knows about. They also know that when I hear something thats not true, after its been discussed I don't bring it up anymore.

So lets talk about these boys*

The things thats baffles me the most tho, is why guys think that they are any different from their friends. I mean lets be real... if I told your friend no, why don't you think I would tell you no? no seriously, Im asking you this question. Is it so you can go to your friends and be like "oh man, she let me beat and told you no"? You silly boys, thats another reason I'm NOT going to have sex with you.

I've had numerous guys ask me on numerous occasions if we could have sex, and I have told these guys no on numerous occasions. So what makes you guys come back? Is it because when you approach me I laugh it off and don't make a big deal about it? Is it because you like the thrill of the chase? Or is it because you actually like me and are just trying to hide your feelings? Well whatever it is, you guys need to chill out, because in the long run it just makes you look dumb... especially when you approach one of my friends and all we do is laugh at you.

The guys who make me laugh the most are the guys who ask you and don't believe you when you say no.
Now for some girls, this happens when they have had sex with one of the guys friends::
The guy approaches you, knowing that you have had sex with his homeboy. Then when you say no they say "but you did so&so"...[there are many things wrong with this situation]
1. Why is this nigga whining?
2. Why does he think that because you did his homie you want to do him?
3. why is he brining him up in order get the goods?
This maddness needs to stop... guys stop usin ur home boys to get girls... yeah there are some girls who will do you cuz of who you know, but lets be serious, you are in college and you're not famous and neither is your friend... so those girls are gonna come once every blue moon.

Then there are the guys who think that they are top notch. They approach you with some smooth pretty boy talk [that he approaches every girl with]. The sad thing is that this works on many girls. So when you turn him down one of two things happen::
1. He's going to continue to spit game at you
2. He's going to turn into a little girl
If #1 happens the guy may try to play it off like he was just kiddin or say something like "well i'll give you time to realize what your missing". Usually if the guy starts off like #1 he's going to evolve into #2. Why, because this is the "hot shot, cocky nigga" on campus and you just turned him down after "he picked you" and he's "offended". Tell this little boy to get over himself... everyone's not going to want to do you, and those who have probably regret doing it.

What about those guys who are your "homeboys" and try you? I feel like those are the worse, because they probably know everything about you, know how you act, about the boys who have approached you and so on... They are going to approach you the most correct way, because they know you the best. Now why these guys want to have sex is beyond me... maybe they have always wanted to, or maybe they just realized that you're actually attractive, or it could be for some selfish reason. Whatever the reason tho, its your friend and you feel weird having sex with him. So when you say no::
1. You may hurt his ego, and it may ruin your friendship
2. He'll get over it and everything will be fine.
This is a tricky one because it's usually never expected...

No matter how many different guys there are and how they approach you, the real problem is the fact that they are approaching you just trying to get some in the first place. However this problem is not just caused by the guys, it's also caused by the girls who still continue to be OK with just having sex. As everyone already knows I'm against "waiting until your married" but that doesn't mean I think its OK to just do whoever whenever. And guys should realize that just because you want us, we don't have to want you.


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