Thursday, September 10, 2009

who you callin a hoe?

so, my mind friend tony has agreed to send me stuff to post on the blog !! AYE !! haha
even tho im livid with him posting it on FB before I could post it here, you HU peeps have no clue who he is, so I cant feel too bad. Enjoy the blog, its amazing....

Lesson 36:
the ever present question

Before I start...
I wanna get something off my chest that we probably all can we relate to:


FORFE occurs when plans and arrangements are made for you and your “other” and something comes up on their end that results in them not being able to show up. BUT, they don’t let you know anything…

At all...

U just wait on them and they never show up...

We too old for that. I understand that things come up and things happen, but you should have the decency to let me know something. I take time out of my day and miss arrangements for you, and you can’t even call and tell him that you can’t fall thru.
(Real talk, I’mma start doin dat in a minute. I'm just gonna stand you up. That way, you know what it feels like next time you decide to get amnesia and don’t call.)

Back to business…

All of us have faced this certain

question that leaves many people in IDK mode…

question that leaves most men speechless and most women guessing…


I saw this in my mini-feed on some chick's status earlier this week. I thought about it for a lil minute, and then I called
Mary Jane over to get her opinion and this is what we came up with.
(Feel free to agree or disagree. This is only my personal opinion.)

First, I wanna address the male side.

“Why is it okay for dudes to sex a lot of girls!?”

Unfortunately, this is just how society is and the nature of men. Just how females were taught to be ladies, many dudes were taught to be men. However, many of these guys were taught the wrong stuff. Boys go thru their entire life doing what they believe makes them a man. For some, manhood is determined on how many guys they whooped, how much money they made, and of course, how many
hoes girls they have had sex with.

What they failed to learn was how to be more of a GENTLEMAN, which is the exact opposite of what they’re trying to become. They failed to learn that GENTLEMAN should understand that there is more to value in females than what her “head game hittin on” and how good her poochie is.


If you were ever called a hoe its probably been because of either 1 or 2 reasons.

1. Whoever called you a hoe probably doesn’t even know anything about you to even call you one in the first place. Many of you may find yourself saying, “But Tony, I don’t do anything! I only had sex with _ dude(s) and I’m a hoe!?” If this applies to you, then the best thing to do is just brush it off and keep going on with your life.
(Understand that people are gonna talk about you regardless of what you’re doing right or wrong. Sadly, some people’s purpose in life is to just hate and talk sh*t to try and bring you down to their level. F*ck em.)

2. You have too much of your personal business on the streets.

If #2 applies to you, let me educate you…


Throughout your life, you have been taught the customs and etiquette of being a “lady.” Since you were in the dayz of training bras, Jellies shoes, and “Ponchanella” clapping games, you were taught the simple do’s and don’ts of being as ladylike as you can be. Little stuff such as not letting a boy pick you up with your skirt on, crossing your ankles when you sit, not spitting/burping/farting in public, etc… made you prone to be more “lady –like”.

Some of you are still working on being the perfect lady. Many of you don’t smoke/drink in public, don’t get drunk in public, or even cuss in public.

...Notice the keyword was

A big part about being “Lady-Like” that many of you are missing is not having your business out to the PUBLIC.
(An important concept to understand about being a lady is NOT what YOU do, its what others KNOW YOU DO.)

Many of you are forgetting about DISCRETION. You tell all you're messy home girls your personal business and the next day you're on blast. You're not called a hoe for what you’re doing or who you’re doing. Its how you got your private business out to the public.

What I’m saying is,

No one should KNOW you having sex with that many dudes in the first place. Ain't nothing classy about telling about all the ceilings you left your footprints on. Keep your business to yourself and you’ll see a big change in how people look at you.
(Ever heard of that saying, "lady in the street, freak in the bed"?? Many of you are forgetting about the first part...)


Ladies, it really all boils down to who YOU are and what type of guys you're messin with that determines how you are looked at as a hoe. Understand the difference between fake men and true gentlemen. Know that just because you keepin your business on the low, it doesn’t mean that he aint getting p*ssy-happy and tellin all yall’s business to his messy homeboys. Know who you're messin wit.

The moral of the story:
Women, Men, Ladies, Gentlemen, pimps, hoes, and everything else in between:

-Tony Sosa

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