Sunday, September 27, 2009

a Hamptonian's Rant*

Sooo, I was writing a blog about "good hair" [coming out in a few days] and while I was taking a twitter break I came across this twat [the twatters shall remain nameless] "Hampton d**ked me outta so much money it goin to be a while before I donate" Soo, most people would laugh at this and be like "hell yeah", but this has royally pissed me off

Lesson 39::
be the change you want to see

I've been wanting to do a blog of this sort for a while, but never did... but I feel like I should go ahead and get this off of my chest.

People who attend Hampton are ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS complaining about EVERYTHING from the Cafe, the dorms, the buildings etc. They complain the food sucks, the buildings are too hot/cold, the dorms suck, theres mold in Moton, the bathrooms suck... blah blah blah.... But does anyone really take the time to stop blaming Harvey for everything and really get down to what the problem is?

Hampton is a private school, which means it gets little to no money from the state. So our tuition goes towards everything... However our tuition alone can not support everything.

At white schools Alumni donate soooo much money. Its a known fact that graduates of HBCUs don't donate. Which is so sad.

Regardless of how hard Hampton has d*cked you over, if you didn't like it you had and have plenty of opportunities to leave. So obviously you stayed for a reason, whether it was the university name, your friends, or your major. Whether you want to admit it or not you love Hampton, the lessons you learned, the relationships you've built, the crazy things that could only be experienced at Hampton. I feel like waaay to many people complain about what's wrong, and not what's right. So if you're not doing anything to better the situation please shut up*

So I said that to say this... If you don't plan on donating back to Hampton the second you gain success and have the means STOP COMPLAINING, BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT HELPING THE SITUATION.. INFACT, YOU ARE MAKING IT WORSE FOR FUTURE GENERATIONS.

For those of you who will know me once I become successfull, you can hold me to this statement :: If I have the means to donate, I am going to donate. If I don't have the means, I'm going to come back and donate my time ::

This is exactly how I feel about The Harbors. People talk SOOO much sh*t about the Harbors. How dirty it is outside, the towing, the conditions... blah blah blah

So I ask you this... when you finish a drink do you throw your bottles and cups on the ground? Do you throw your ching chong on the ground when you're done eating? Oh, and your chicken wings? And do you thing breaking a beer bottle on the ground is cool?

Ok, well if you think that this is ok to do YOU'RE AnIDIOT [especially if you live in the harbors]. Why do you think the Harbors should try to improve anything if we can't even take care of it ourselves? I live in the back and there is SOO much stuff back here... If we expect the Harbors to improve, shouldn't we improve the Harbors as well?

"be the change you want to see"
-im just sayin*

i love, i love, i love my HIU,

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Well said Monroe