Thursday, July 16, 2009

fakeness is weakness

So, i know you guys are tired about me bs with the posting service. Im about to try really hard to start posting at least twice a week. It's not that things are slow, its just that... i find that I don't have that much to write about at the moment. The summer isn't as interesting as I thought it would be... don't get me wrong I'm having fun... but I don't just wanna post any bs up here.

sooo, now that I got that out of the way on to the post

Lesson 27:
don't be a fake girl

So, why as girls are we mad at all of the other girls that the guy /girl that we date used to talk to/date/screw. Not like mad, like you want to fight her... it's just when you see her you feel some type of way. The sad part is, every girl that reads this is going to deny this, because you never want to admit that you think she is better than you for any reason, it's that one fact that she was doin lord knows what with him before you did. It makes you feel gross, especially if you have heard some stories about her from him. You may tell a sly little joke to your friends, you may not even acknowledge her presence to anyone, you guys may nod heads, or you may be really nice to her and hold a conversation . Because when you see her, you want your girls to know that thats the mad "old" girl, you are embarrassed that thats his old girl, everyone knows the story and you guys want to show respect, or you want people to think that you don't have a problem with her, in-fact you love her! - but on the inside your dying.

Or what about that girl who was talkin to your guy while you where? Maybe she was there was a lil while and dipped... or maybe she is the reason that you two arent talkin anymore. No matter who she is, no matter how nice she is, her rankings, her status... anything. Shes the biggest slut, the dumbest girl, the nasty hoe who had the nerve to impose on your man. When you see her you feel crazy. Either you talk about her so much that you surprise yourself, maybe you just don't say anything, or maybe you are just really nice to her. Because when you see her, you either want people to know that you hate her, or you want people to think that you don't care about her, even tho your soooo mad on the inside.

All of these actions happen everyday. However, its those girls who are all up in your face that are the worse. --- My thing is like this, if you don't like me why in the hell are you speaking to me? And its not like everyone around doesn't know the deal, and they wanna know why you are speaking too. I've dealt with a few of these girls before, some are more intense than others.... but they are all annoying.

There are some who are even worse than the ones who just speak. Its the girl that be on your nuts on the internet. I think that the internet is worse because even more people can see it going on. You add them as a friend to be nice because you do know who they are, but you don't expect them to be writing on your wall and commenting on all of your stuff. Don't you hate getting a notification and seein that its that girl... You be like, WTF does she have to say to me now? "Cut Pic girl !!" you just wanna be like chick die !! l0l

What about the girl who tries to be your best friend all of a sudden. So now not only are they speaking all of the time and commenting on everything, now they start texting you... and writing on your wall saying how happy she is that you guys are friends and that you should hang out... GIRL I D0NT WANT TO HANG 0UT WITH YOU !! i dont even want you speaking to me !! haha.

The sad thing is there is not much you can do with these girls. I mean yeah, of course you can tell them to chill cuz you really don't like them like that... and why that would be the easiest solution, most girls are not going to do that. Why? Cuz we want to be polite. The thing is, if more of us did this... we wouldn't have to worry about dealing with all of the annoying bs, and the sly jokes from the guy. So as girls, lets take more initiative and just be straight up about things when it comes to other girls...

I'll try first... i'll tell you how it goes*


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