Monday, July 6, 2009

The boy is mine...not*

Soo, I had a pretty good 4th this year. It was chill *bling, blow, burr*

However, you know there always has to be the crazy girl of the group, and believe me... this one was.... well i'll just tell the story.

I hate overly sensitive ppl. I just don't see the point in people getting mad or upset over EVERYTHING.. especially if that person is not your man or your woman. I could go into details about everything that happened... but instead I will turn this poor girl into a lesson for others.

Lesson 26:
The boys not yours... or mine*

Soo, this girl really likes this guy im kickin it with. They were cool before I met him, but she liked him more than he liked her. Shes cool at first... but then she just starts doin some... bizare stuff that im not even going to get into. Lets just say... she was being more fake than that Goach on the corner stand.

CHICK GROW UP--- girls like this make me sick !! She's mad at you because your cool with a guy she likes/want. She's mad at you because ya'll chill without her, and heaven knows what ya'll are doing. Why does she care so much? Don't worry tho, it's not your fault that your a cool, fly girl and people wanna be cool with you.

Girls like this are mad at you for more than just this guy. If it was just about the guy she wouldn't be speaking to you in public because its known. You can't be rude and not speak, or be overly nice and have a 30 minute conversation with her. Just give her a nod as you pass by.

When your hanging out with your friend don't mention her and if ya'll are all together make small talk, I mean lets be real, they are gonna ask her to leave before they make you do it.

These girls are put into the world to make real girls check themselves. Because when your slipping on your game in anyway, they are always gonna be there to fill in that void... WHATEVER IT IS.

When it comes to the guy, watch him. Make sure he's not trying to be messy and make the situation worse. And keep him updated enough so that he doesn't think our trying to be messy.

and try not to talk about this situation to anyone but like 1 close friend.


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