Friday, July 17, 2009

What a blower*

Lessson 28:
dang ma...

Soooo, everyone in college has seen a porn or two. Well my friends were talking about this porno called "Ghetto Gaggers". I had never heard of it before, but they described it to me, and its probably one of the most degrading things in the world.

So now your probably wondering what it is. Well "Ghetto Gaggers" is a pair of white men who go around getting head from black women. Not only are they getting head, but they are like abusing their faces --- I guess its actually the definition of "face f*cking" [for lack of a better word]. The guys shove their cokss sooo hard and sooo far down these girls throats. The majority of these girls end up gagging, some even throw up. And the white guys talk reckless while this is going on. saying things like "take this white cock you black slut" "your such a nasty whore" "you like this white cock?" and other stuff. To make matters even worse, these guys slap and spit on the girls.

I know what you guys are thinking... these girls are porn stars, why does it matter how they get treated. The thing is... this is more than a porn thing...

These guys use this porno as a form of white supremacy.... so this makes me wonder why sooo many people want to do it. I mean come on... you're already a porn star... why add this to your resume?

This just shows that there really are people who have absolutely no respect for themselves. Cuz my thing is this :: WHY, if you KNOW... that these WHITE MEN are targeting BLACK FEMALES so they can BANG THEIR FACES... would you WANT to do this production? In fact... if your approached why would you not be offended? Why would you ever even do it... porn star or not?

I have a point I promise !! haha::
When I see people doing this, it makes me think that women will really do anything to get attention. I shouldn't just say women, because i'm sure if i searched hard enough i could find some pretty degrading stuff men do... but still. No one ever has to stoop down to this level.... There are too many other productive things in life to do... IDK, maybe thats just me.

I really try not to pass judgements on people, but like stuff this just blows me... l0l, get it?

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