Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Your the only stupid one...

sorry it been a while.. i was waiting on some stories to come in, but they havent...


Lesson 19:
CAG's stop thinking that the girls your obsessed with are stupid. =]

no more drama for me.. well low key there is. the CAG made a fake fb profile and tried to add me as a friend.

at first CAG made it a boy named Brad Thomas from Homewood, AL.... My friend told me about this person, and how it was really CAG. The person was messaging this girl calling her every name under the sun, callin her ugly.. it was soo rude...

Then, a week or 2 later Brad Thomas went from a boy... to a girl. from the Birmingham network to the Virginia Beach, VA network. Then Brad Thomas went from Brad to N****a Thomas... a female name.

soo, i looked at the email address, cuz u know u can look up people by the email.. how funny that the email is jeremypugh18@yahoo.com

hmm, who else has the last name of pugh? So to make matters funnier, My friend AG saw the page when we were hangin out, and we called N****a and asked her if she had FB, and she said no. (yesss people, this girl doesn't even have her own FB...and CAG went and made one up !! bahaha) So we sent the girl the profile pic and link to the page via email, and her friend looked her up, and confirmed it.... whats even funnier is that N****a knew it was CAG from the jump !! l0l.

and on another note.. CAG saw me and AG at the mall on Sat. She has been trying to get him to stop talking to me for a little while now, so after sat, one of her friends randomly started hitting AG up... coincidence? I think notttt


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