Tuesday, June 16, 2009

pink stripe polo, yellow plaid capris*

once again its been awhile !! MY BAD !! l0l

so while at Wal-Mart today I noticed something that has always bothered me. Women dressing their daughters horribly!! The boys are always dressed nicer and this bothers me.

Lesson 23:
Dress your girls like girls

I understand the first thing many of you are going to say is "maybe they don't have the money.. blah blah blah..."

money IS NOT everything !! I have never been one to spend a bunch of money on my clothes, but I like to think that I still look nice. There is no reason for children to be dressed all tacky, and for their hair to be all over the place.

Here is a simple solution for keeping your daughter looking nice... go to Target.. its sooo much better that Wal-mart, and the clothes look better. Buy shirts, shorts, skirts, and jeans that can be worn with each other. Get neutral colors in these and SHOES !! Teach her how to do her hair EARLY... let her know how to comb and brush her hair in a pony tail... if u straighten her hair... wrap it for her, and make her learn how to do it.

Please don't forget that stores do have sales and clearance sections. I LOVE clearance, (probably because it always takes me forever to go buy something I really want) and you will always find something in there. I have found Abercrombie jeans for $10 on clearance. It happens.

Up keep starts early... if you know someone who is doing their daughter this mis-justice please pass this along.

::there was going to be a picture added, but a car drove by as soon as the picture took::


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