Thursday, June 18, 2009

Run up get done up?

So this is a story sent in by a friend of mine. You guys have all read about CAG and what not.. well this is her CAG story.

Lesson 24:

Run up get done up?

So, a lot of people love to watch all those crazy lifetime stories. They are all about the same :: murders, stalkers, sex addicts... etc. Well I am living one of those stories.

This story could be pages long, but im going to make a long story short. So, some of you have already known about the CAG and what Monroe went thru... except now the CAG has turned to me. Monroe and KO(ex-boyfriend in CAG stories) broke up b/c of CAG, and after the split CAG and KO got back together. I go to church with KO which is where I met him. He asked for my number and then we later met at walmart and started talking. KO and I were feeling each other and we soon started dating. Thats when CAG came back into the picture. She added me as a friend on Facebook and started pop chatting me and saying rude and innapropate things. She got my number out of KOs phone and started to call me from blocked numbers, and texting me telling me about how she was going to "beat me up". She used to love saying that he was just using me... So if breaking up with you for me is using me.. then I guess your right. When i stopped paying her attention again she went back to Facebook. Then she started pop chatting me from fake pages like :: Justin Smith, Brad Thomas, Nasia Thompson, Nazia Thomas, and then a page wit my name. Yes thats right, she made a fake page of crazy can you get? She then started adding friends and classmates of mine to these fake profiles. Sometimes she wouldn't say anything to them, but other times she would message them talking shit about me. When I would start dating a boy, she would message these guys telling them that I'm a h**, I'm ugly.. and all of these other things.

The sad part is, these things have been going on since October.

This previous month CAG and I have been having a "status war"... To make matters worse, friends from both parties were also talking shit on our walls. It go so far, that I told her to meet me at my Grandmothers house, who lives 2 blocks away from her. Needless to say, she didn't show up.

A few days after this happened my sister and I went to Wal-Mart. Turns out CAG works there. She saw us when we came in the door. We looked around for a bit, and when it was time to checkout we went to her lane. When we got up to her, she said she was on break.

I found this funny, because this girl has been telling me that she wanted to "beat me up"... so i gave her the perfect opportunity. But instead of "kickin my butt" as she also liked to say, she took one look at me and went on break.

So later that day, she goes about her normal things. Talkin behind the computer instead of saying it to my face when she had the chance. Maybe one day she will take me up on one of my offers...

DANG, sooo i guess threats really don't mean anything...


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