Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Front Street, Woah

SOOO, as I was reading on of my daily blogs YESTERDAY, I noticed that Bow Wow had made a rather rude comment about what APPEARS to be Kim Kardashian and his ex Ciara... via Necole from Bow Wows Twitter:

::Fellas, don’t you feel like a G when ya ex and another girl u banged or f*cked around with r now friends? boosts my ego up! like daaaayum ima pimp

::wat makes it funny i dont think she knows! ha! im laughn lol….

This comment was said shortly after this picture was released:

Lesson 22:
This aint cute

Girls hate when you try to put them on blast. If Bow did get Kim, what makes him think that she would be with again if he's tellin all of her business? Girls aren't dumb... we catch a bunch of the lil sly bs that guys try to say when they are around their homeboys. Trust we do the same stuff with our homegirls. But NOONE likes their business put on front street, Now if this isn't about Kim, Bow STILL messed up, because it's no secret that Kim and Ciara have been hanging out lately, and everyone is going to be jumping to conclusions. I'm sure Kim will have something to say about this... since people or wondering. OR, would it be better if she didn't say anything and just let everyone keep guessing?


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