Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Why so serious?

So, last night I had a run in with a jealous girlfriend. I was supposed to go chill with my home girl to watch a movie, around 9. So it comes around, and I don't trip about people being on time because I'm always late. But its like 9:30, and i finally get a text, saying "my girlfriend trippin" and I'm like why? She replies "she doesn't want anyone coming over here that late".

Lesson 21:
Stop jumping to conclusions

Soo, I'm not gonna lie: this pissed me off. I think that girls over react about any and everything when it comes to a relationship. Its not a lie to say that girls very rarely completely trust their partners. There is always someone who cheated on them in the past and "blah blah blah". Ok well maybe I'm a different type of girl, but things like this do not make me jealous. As long as the person I am with lets me know what's up, like watchin a movie with a lot of people doesn't make me trip. I could understand if it was going to be just me and her, but her roommate was there, her roommate had friends over, and some of their mutual friends where there... soo my question is, where does suspicion play into this? In my eyes... none, so it just makes this girl look stupid to me.

So the point of this story is:: don't jump to conclusions. I'm not gonna lie, when bs like this happens I talk about you. No matter who YOU are. If you're over reacting about a situation that involves me or any of my friends, I think you're dumb. If you and your partner can't hang out with separate friends then you guys do not have a real relationship. Your going to be sitting around wondering what they are doing, and they are going to be annoyed because you are always crawled up in their butt wondering what they are doing and bugging them... so girls and some guys, CHILL OUT !! If they are yours then they are yours, and you have nothing to worry about. If you have that much doubt about them, you probably shouldn't be in a relationship with them*

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