Monday, August 9, 2010

Tumbling down a hill

... umm a few people are now becoming Tumblr's.

basically its a cute lil website and the easiest way to blog, if pictures or quotes are your thing.

Its not my thing tho, so here are some of my fave tumblrs.

Let the rolling begin...

Created by ChaCha
-Hampton Grad
-ATL Livin

A Femme Noir

Created by Mary Wilson

-Norfolk State University

Straight Lowkey

The F Word

Created by Kristian

-18 years young

The F Word

Sassy Horse

Created By Brook Lynn
-deactivated stripper (magic city)
-ATL Cruisin
-Dope Blog

The Sassy Horse

The Black Hipsters

Created by Nycee && b. ho0ligan.

The Black Hipsters

stop readin already... go to their sites !!

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AFemmeNoir said...

Thanks for the love Ms. Monroe!