Friday, August 6, 2010

i have a problem...

...with some of you guy's on twitter.

now dont get me wrong, everyone knows that i LOVE twitter. but some of you people... well a lot of you people be doin way too much.

problem #1- why do some of yall insist on retweeting ever @ that yall get? and then you guys respond on the RT like everyone in the twitter world gives a damn. confused by what i mean?

ex: RT @blahbloblee: @bleehblaa maaan what you doin today // not shit man

RT @blahbloblee : @bleeblahh ooh thats whats up hit me if you do summ // aight bruh i got you

now, its already annoying that you havin a full not shit conversation on twitter... but why must you retweet and respond your entire not shit conversation to the world. I speak for many people when i say WE DONT GIVE A FUCK. please just @ that person back, so my whole timeline is not filled up.

problem #2- You people who @ celebrities all day everyday. why are you doing that? you look thirsty as fuck. if they wanted to talk to you, they would have followed your ass by now, and yall would be having conversations thru DM.

problem #3- people who beg for followers or brag about how many followers they have, or ask you to follow them back. Begging for followers is so lame, just as lame as asking people to follow you back. just because you follow me does not mean that i have to follow you back. if i wanted to follow you i would. so if i dont there is a reason... your tweets are probably annoying, you probably tweet celebs all day, and you probably be tweeting about not shit all day long. and since when did your follow count matter? half of everyones followers are spam people anyway. so if you are a regular ass person with 600+ followers, half of those people following you arent really following you at all. they are SPAM. so stop boasting about your follow count, because if thats what makes you fell important you should really find a hobby

problem #4- these girls who tweet about sex and nasty shit all damn day. im not talking about people who are known for that, im talking about this average ass or ugly ass girls who you go to school with. bitch we do not care about whose face you just sat on, the fact that you are taking a shit, or tghe fact that you have a flock of niggas wanting to talk to you. half of the shit about sex is a lie, or if it is the truth we dont want to know that you are doing it.

problem #5- these people who get these brand new personalities on twitter. i dont know if this is the person that you wish you were, but you are not. and when you tweet all this dumb bullshit everyone is wondering why you are bein so damn fake on twitter.

problem #6- these people who @ me and talk to me on twitter knowing that we have never and will never speak in real life. i dont do twitter friends. if i dont talk to you in the real world why in the good Lords name am i going to talk to you via twitter?

problem #7- people takin this twitter shit waaay to personal. I know there are going to be a few people who are going to be upset about this post because they do this shit all daty everyday. and there are people whio get mad about the shit that i post on twitter. baby, its just twitter/blogger... its not that serious.


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