Friday, July 30, 2010

I have a problem...

... with these girls and their addiction to "Summers Eve Deoderant Spray".... or "Coochie Spray" as I like to call it.

My problem is girls thinking that they can spray it, instead of taking a bath/shower, washing up, or even baby wiping the shit of out their vaginas.

The only thing that can come from spraying coochie spray on a dirty vagina... is the smell of "Fresh Lavender" and dirty vagina. Those two do NOT MIX !!

If you want to make sure that you smell good in your nether regions TAKE A SHOWER, and use baby wipes or feminine wipes after you use the bathroom. If you think your vagina is always stinking you should probably go to a doctor so they can tell you what is wrong with you.

and lets be honest... that summers eve shit doesnt smell that good anyway, and i shouldnt be able to smell it across the room. Some of you girls spray ENTIRELY too much of that shit. and to be honest, if i can smell it, i automatically assume that you have a dirty pussy.

so PLEASE... clean it up ladies.
Good day.

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