Wednesday, August 26, 2009

kids and sex

So, I was watching TV while I break from painting my room.. and I saw a commercial about parents talking to their kids about sex...

lesson 33::
its not your choice

In the commercial it was saying, don't worry about the parts, just tell us to wait..

In my mind I thought [BS] ... I personally don't believe in waiting to have sex till marriage. I believe in waiting till you're in LOVE. Some people will try [and lose] to argue "well when your married your in love" and thats bs too. People love to forget that people get married for other reasons that love such as money, power, status... and sex.

I feel as if parents who try to force their beliefs on their children are hurting their children more than helping them. We all know someone whose parents were strict when they were growing up and when they get to college they are either::
a) friendless
b)whores or
c) psychopaths

If you fit into one of these categories, Im not saying that your parents did a bad job at raising you, I AM saying that if they had been a little more lenient you probably wouldn't be in one of these categories.

On the flip side people fit into these categories because their parents were TOO lenient. They really didn't care what [or who] they did, and didn't bother [or care] to ask.

Things like sex talks are hard for some people, but if you never ask you never know. I know people who have never been tested [and need too], and never been to the gyno [and REALLY need too].

Parents are scared about doing these things and they shouldn't. First and foremost.. all girls are supposed to go to the gyno when they turn 18... this is because most girls lose their virginity before 18 and most parents don't know. Some parents don't want to do this because they feel it is "dirty" or "unholy" but what's really "dirty and unholy" is the fact that you try to scare your child into not doing things instead of working with them. I feel the same things thats done for the gyno, should be done for testing... when your kids turn 18, take them to be tested.

If you don;t want your kids to turn out like the freak-a-zoids you see everyday on campus, make sure you don't treat your kids how their parents treated them.

I have more to say, but I want to do a completely different post for that.... so be on the look out. =]


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