Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Big Announcement

Lesson 32:
Embrace the gays

Sooo, i have a very big announcement to make...

[i came out to my mother last night]

as you can imagine i was very nervous about telling her because I have friends who have had very bad experiences. She took is a lot better than i thought... one thing she kept saying was "I don't see you as being gay" and I was like... I'm not gay... I've never seen color or sex... I'm attracted to whomever I'm attracted to. Then of course the "phase" thing came up.. and I explained to her a story that I knew she would remember about this girl I used to be really good friends with and randomly stopped talking to. It was because this was the first girl who I liked... and I thought something was wrong with me, so i distanced myself as far away from her as I could... then there was the dreadful sophomore year of high school [ that petty, simple, retarded people can't forget about ] when I went a lil wild because I was trying to fight my sexuality hard body. I didn't come out to my friends till senior year... but I wish I would have before... but that's beside the point. So yeah... now mommy knows.

MY thing however is other peoples parents... like WHY is it so hard for some people parents to accept the fact? I mean lets be blunt, the majority of the gay people I know act soooo homo !! haha, like why are certain parents in denial.... If I could tell your son/daughter was gay the first time I met them how the hell do you not know and you live with this person?

And then they want to go and act all crazy when they find out. I have one friend who has been through so much with their parents (i wont disclose their sex or name because thats not my place in any way, shape or form... lets call them HC)...anyways HC told their parents that they were gay. The first thing their parents did was kick them out. HC and their parents have probably fell out/been put out/made up a few dozen times... sometimes the situations get even worse ( like police involvement) all because the parents can not accept the fact that this is who their child is.

Another one of my friends..uhhhh...BD... they came out to their parents and they told BD that they were devil spawn or a demon.. i forget which one I also believe that they would blame all of their problems on BD being gay.

Yes these are only 2 stories but if you guys knew as much into these stories as I do it would make you not want to tell your parents anything...

So I ponder... why do parents take it sooo hard when they find out their children are gay? I mean seriously, they would rather hear that their daughter is knocked up and don't know who the daddy is than to find out she's a lady killer... what type of messed up stuff is that?

Im sure all of us have a gay friend (if you don't you have a gay associate cuz ur readin my blog.. l0l) and you love them to death, so why would you not love your gay child. And when we have children who are gay (and lets be real some of us will) lets give them the respect they deserve and not make them feel like a big pile of crap when they are honest with us about their sexuality.. cuz Homos need love too !!

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