Thursday, February 25, 2016

Pizza Burger's and Pitcher's

I hope everyone is having an AMAZING morning. I'm up way earlier than normal... and its surprisingly not bad. Who knew how much you could get so much accomplished in the morning.

So I was supposed to start my laundry yesterday.. but after smoking and dancing around my studio

Chyna and I worked up a serious appetite. So we had to create a game plan of the places we could eat::
1.Somewhere close |10 minutes or less|
2.Somewhere cheap |because we wanted a lot of food|
3.Somewhere we could get draft beer from |because we have to stay hydrated|

Then a beautiful drunk baby fell out the sky... Jack's Pizza and Wings in Old Forth Ward!

So we smoked again and went on our way to Jack's. Now the thing about Jack's is that they are closed 2-3 days out of the week. We never know what day it starts |until yesterday|. So we called up there to make sure this was one of their open days and it was! Turns out they are open Wed-Sunday. 




When we get there we have this master plan.. $1 Miller High Life's... we will have 3-4 a piece and we will get a yummy pizza. Out waitress comes over, we get the pitcher for $4 and order our pizza. Then as we are looking through the menu |because we never pay this menu attention| we notice that they have a Pizza Burger. We are instantly intrigued and go find Rose to add this to our order. The Pizza Burger is a hamburger baked in pizza dough and cheese. We originally order it like a regular pizza with mozzarella and marinara and get all the regular burger stuff on the side. When we actually get the Pizza Burger, all of that goes out of the window.

This shit is so fucking good !! Like OOMMGG! The dough is just the right amount, the burger patty is HUGE and the cheese and veggies are fresh. We dived right in with the Mayo, Mustard and Ketchup and put all of the toppings on the inside of the dough... and went to smash town. I completely forgot I even ordered pizza |Veggie and Pepperoni| and was so full by the time it came. Not to mention that we did finish the pitcher and took a shot of tequila. 

After I took Ching home, I went to Graveyard in East Atlanta. I never knew that they had food because I've only come here late at night |like 12-2| and I was never interested in eating... I came to drink. It was nice actually getting to see what it looks like in there.. and to find out they had food. I was definitely still full, but the fat girl inside of me saw the side of Macaroni and Cheese and couldn't resist. In my defense, I ordered a side.... so I'm thinking its going to a small portion. I was wrong!

This baby came out and I was instantly excited and mortified because I knew I was not going to finish it. When I bit into it, I was angry because it was so good! It was definitely baked, and filled with so much cheese. I was in heaven and hell at the same time. I ate all that I could and sat in glutenous bliss before we left.

All in all I will say that my stomach was the real MVP yesterday. I was so ready to go to sleep as I'm sure you can imagine... but FIRST... my nightcap... a Hot Tottie!

I've had am annoying cold for about a week now. I don't believe in taking medicine unless I absolutely have too. So I make sure I get plenty of rest and drink lots of fluids. I make sure to wake up with hot tea, and go to sleep with hot tea. Last night |and this morning| it's a hot tottie with tea, lemon, a little teaspoon of honey and Fireball. The best way to end a great day and start a productive one. 

Happy "Thirsty Throw That ass in Tri Oval Thurday" yall !!

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