Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Quick Weaves in the Burbs

So, my blue hair has been a success and I'm super excited by the reactions I got to it! However in true Monroe fashion I had to switch it up just for a little bit. Everyone is so into all this virgin hair right now, but I change my hair so much I could care less at certain times. I love hair but I would rather spend my money on something I'm gonna keep longer than 2 weeks. So I bought this 4 lengths in one pack (16/18/20/22) called Futura Beach Curl 4/27/30 ($19.99) and Equal Freetress Beach Wave in 27/30 in 22inches ($9.99) . I was feeling blonde! Haha. The quick weave took me about 2 hours start to finish. I laid my real hair  down with Roberts Diamond Hair Protectant (@$4.00) and then put taa stocking cap on top of my entire head. The Futura cams with  a lace closure that looked surprisingly good, so I didn't have to leave any of my hair out. Its been in for about 3 days and I have gotten an amazing response. Even better no one knew it was synthetic... Until now. Lol.

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